What essentials will you need for your January wardrobe in 2015 (Part 1)?

New Year equals new beginnings. Let’s build a new wardrobe that’s not only wearable for a working woman but also in sync with the latest trends.
1. Felt Hat
This is the universal type of hat that’s flattering to everybody. Here are some examples.

Felt hat
Felt hat

Felt hat
Felt hat
Felt Hat
Felt Hat

If you are just beginning your hat collection, then the black or brown one with a little feather or leather accent would be a good first purchase. You can use it with almost everything. Especially good if your weather is anything like Michigan’s winter, the wool hats will keep you warm and keep you polished.
I found mine at Lord & Taylor, Saks Off 5th Avenue and Forever 21.

Running errands with a comfy style

There are only a few days left before the big holiday and I still need to finish my last minute shopping! 😉 Recently one thought has been on my mind quite often. Who am I? Lol, I know, it sounds so deep and heavy. In China there is a saying: ”when you are in your 40s, there should be no doubting and questioning any more about your life”. But it is so unsure for me. I am still in the stage of finding or creating myself. I thought I was done with this but this blog makes me think even more about what I want to present of myself? I am still not 100% done thinking yet but there is one thing that comes to me very clearly. I am not a cool kid, but I am a woman. I will be true to myself. I have a job and I am a grown up. That means I need to dress for work and also in an age appropriate style.


What to pick when you are putting clothes on every day? I usually pick one piece that speaks to me and makes me excited to wear it that day. And then I build a whole outfit around this key piece. For this look, I started with the brown plaid skinny pants. I love the classic pattern and the fitted shape so it will not look bulky when I wear a pair of boots. I hate to carry my coat when I’m stepping into a mall so I used the orange cashmere sweater to keep me warm. The scarf, leather gloves and wool hat added more layers and sophistication.






brown plaid skinny pants
brown plaid skinny pants

Hat @Saks Off 5th Avenue
Sweater @Lord & Taylor
Necklace and pants @Nordstrom Rack
Bag and gloves @TJ Maxx
Boots @Burlington Coat Factory
Happy holiday and cheers!

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