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At this time of year, I love to do a deep clean around the house. The tree and wreaths are packed away. I actually enjoy vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and polishing. It helps me to get ready physically, emotionally and mentally for the New Year. I traditionally make time to sit down and reflect on what I achieved (or didn’t) this year and start to set my goals for next. My coworkers tease me about how full my daily planner’s pages are but I like to write down and then check off the completed tasks. It makes the progress seem more real that way. So keeping with my habit of planning ahead I will feature some looks suitable for stepping out to welcome in the New Year!

New Year's Look
New Year’s Look

My best friend texted me the other day and asked if I wanted to go shopping. Silly girl; as if there could be optional answers! We went to a very cool shopping center nearby. It’s called Partridge Creek and is sort of an outdoor mall. It’s a great place to people watch AND dog watch as many of the stores are dog-friendly. I really like the concept but you do have to watch where you step a bit! One or our stops was at Guess. There I scored this most excellent snake skin print dress. The size was actually a tad too big but it looked right. One trick I’ve found is that you can’t always trust the size tag. If it looks like it could fit well it’s worth it to try it on. In my case this dress fit perfectly! And it really did what I wanted by creating a sophisticated vibe while aiming to keep everything classic and uncomplicated.





New Year's Look
New Year’s Look


This dress was certainly ready for a party so now I just had to make sure I was too. I like to add a bit of shape by curling my hair. Usually the best I can hope for is a bit of a wave. My hair is so thick and full it rarely holds a curl but I’m not complaining! An oversized pearl necklace is the perfect accessory and is always my fave for a party. My two-tone peek toed shoes add interest but don’t disrupt the feeling. New Year’s Eve in Michigan is usually a time to bundle up. My white faux fur scarf pulls double duty by adding both warmth and a touch of fancy fun. Wait a minute, where’s the color? Never fear! Bright orange lipstick, shiny red nail polish and a neon yellow studded clutch purse bring the New Year’s fireworks.

Pearl Necklace @Banana Republic
Snake Skin Dress & White Fur Scarf @Guess
Purse & Shoes @Nordstrom Rack
Accent Jewelry @Forever 21 & @Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet @Limited & @Pandora
Watch @Movado


Aiming for the Chic Target

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I rarely buy clothing at Target because they don’t usually have much to fit my body type. If I still had the figure that I had in my twenties then Target would be a go to store. In general, they seem to stock clothing more for younger college age girls. But I have noticed that Target is pretty good at following the latest fashions and isn’t a bad place to shop for trendy pieces at a reasonable price.
That’s why, when we were finished filling our cart with the post-Christmas decoration bargains we had come to Target for, I was very pleasantly surprised when I swung by the women’s clothing area. There I found this little jacket and black furry scarf on the clearance rack for a very happy price. I was even able to get a little more bang for my buck by texting for a downloadable coupon to save another 25% off the clearance price. Technology can really be wonderful! Of course I sometimes use different adjectives for technology when my website is giving me fits! 


The colors and pattern on this short jacket didn’t just speak to me, it pretty much shouted! The classic look somehow makes me think of England. This is especially notable since I have yet to visit the UK. But don’t worry; it’s on my bucket list! A fitted little jacket can be worn by all age women. Fitted is the key here! Especially when we don’t have as many curves as we used to (now where DID my twenties go?) This classic and essential jacket helps to give me back that figure with its cinched waist that lets the lapels funnel down through the single button before it flares back out again to form that desirable and sometimes elusive hourglass. I didn’t want to look too upper crust so added a bit of fun by pairing with a short skirt and (you knew the color would come in) a bright neon yellow bag.





Stay tuned for my New Year’s look.

Sunglasses @Chloé
Fur Scarf and Jacket @Target
Leather Look Skirt @Nordstrom Rack
Boots @DSW
Bag @Kate Spade

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