Closet Tour—My Life in the Closet!

I’ve made a big decision. In front of all you readers I’m going to come out of the closet! Not for long though because I just love it in there! Of course I’m talking about my walk-in closet. It’s actually a converted bedroom and it also happens to be my oasis from life’s daily drama. I’ve had some requests to show and tell so I’ve made a couple videos. This first one will show. And the next one will tell! It’s a pretty short movie so if you are going to make some popcorn you may want to do it now! In the near future I may also have my husband make one to show how he arranged and built the closet. I have some other topics in mind too and I always welcome your comments and suggestions. Please join me for a brief flyby of my little heaven and tune in again soon for the next episode for a more in depth tour and introduction. Thanks so much and enjoy!



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