3 months? No way!!!

In many relationships, the 3 month mark is the first important milestone for most people to celebrate! Think about it this way, two people have gone through an entire season of the year and are still together! That is amazing for a lot of couples! Today is the 3 month anniversary of my first post on ColorAndGrace.com. What is really amazing to me is that I am not only still blogging but even going stronger! Today is an important date for my husband and me to remember, and celebrate! Over the past 90 days we’ve had tears and laughter and more than a few long sleepless nights! I guess many of you can relate. This blog has become more than just a website to me. I’m actually surprised how much I like spending time working on it. Now I look forward to the weekend not just to get a break from my day job but also to be able to work on my blog more!

Like most things that you’re really passionate about, the days are long but the weeks seem to fly by. Those incredible days are not just my memory. I really hope they are a part of your memory as well. And they will be if you started to follow me from my early days. Did you smile or laugh when you read some of my story about my new life in America? Were you surprised to see a different point of view due to the culture difference? Have you been inspired by at least one of my daily fashion posts and excited to try something new and maybe take a risk? I hope the answers are yes, yes, yes and yes!

Physically, I am very tired but I am very pumped up at the same time! I am one of those crazy bloggers that posts every day! I missed a day or two during those first couple weeks but not since! For the first 2 months, every morning when I drove to work, I was imagining my bright future in the fashion industry. It’s been my real dream for many years. Of course this was taking the fun out of it and putting pressure on myself. But since last month, I started to not let the numbers drive me crazy. It is so cool to meet people through my blog. Becoming collaboration partners or friends with people who have the same interests and experiences has been incredible. I love to read all the comments and a lot of time those comments make my day! I can really say that I am enjoying it more than I ever thought I would and it’s thanks to you great followers and fellow bloggers. Thank you everybody for your wonderful support!

Now when I look back, I really noticed my style is evolving too. Below are some of my favorites from month number 3. Tell me which one is yours?

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