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Say Da to Animal Prints!

In today’s post I’m going away a bit from my signature color. Well the bright green Michael Kors purse does keep my streak alive. It also goes to show how even just one eye catching, colorful accessory can make a big difference to an otherwise mostly black and white look.
But for me the star of today’s post is my animal fur print hat. I grew up in northern China not too far from the border with Russia. These hats always remind me of the pictures we would see of the Russian women dressed for winter. This outfit would look right at home if I were strolling the streets of Moscow. The polka-dot sweater almost looks like an extension of the leopard print spots on the warm hat and the black and white faux fur vest nicely complete the theme.
Another trade secret to help brighten up a black outfit is to add some sparkly bling. For this you can use either a sequined top or dangly necklace. Oh, and about that green purse? It’s just the right size for a tin of your favorite Caspian Sea Caviar or maybe a small nip of something to chase away the Siberian chill.

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Size DOES matter!

I will never be confused with a WNBA player. At just a shade over 5 feet tall this can present some problems when I’m shopping for clothes. To find slacks that don’t cover my shoes or skirts that don’t look like a Grandmother would wear I usually head to the store’s Petite section. When assembling my wardrobe I take extra care to make sure my clothes don’t make me look even shorter than I am.

In today’s post you can see that my skirt just covers my knees. And my top fits my form and ends a bit below my waist. That’s another trick for those of us with body shapes more like a clock than an hourglass. When a well fitting blouse flares out for the bottom few inches it accentuates the hips and narrows the waist. Keeping with my love of color I chose a vibrant purple for this piece to work with a clean winter white skirt.

Topped with a large brimmed felt hat and anchored by some tall boots with medium (and comfortable) heels really helps to stretch out the illusion of height. I like to add some stylish animal prints, faux fur or both for a touch of nature and finish with a wine colored purse for my signature splash of color; and why not? Some of my favorite colors are red, white and rosé!


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