Alright, what’s going on here? No one told me that blogging would be such hard work! After several long days, I’m getting worn out! I dabbed on a little Prada Candy, my new favorite perfume. This always helps me to relax. It’s a soft, sweet smell and not very strong. Rarely others can notice but I smell it all the time; it is just for me. Not like Kenzo Flower. That is for others to notice…sometimes too much! I gave a bottle to my sister-in-law after she admired mine. She lives in China and often rides the local bus to get around. Apparently she used a little too much and got some uncomplimentary and unwelcome notice from her fellow passengers. She was NOT happy!

My goal today is to chillax and recharge a little bit but I still need to work, so jeans are not an option. I picked a very simple outfit, mainly black and white. But I can’t do without at least a splash of rich, bold color. Some red booties and a burgundy hat are just perfect to spice up the otherwise sparse color palette. I’m not sure where Dorothy got her famous Ruby Slippers but my Red Booties were a bargain at DSW, one of my favorite shoe stores.

I wore this outfit to Canada a couple weeks ago. My husband and I went to brunch and saw The Band Perry at Caesar’s Windsor Casino. I even won a few dollars at the slot machines! I’ve gotten compliments and inquiries about the booties from young and old alike. I even had a 7th grade boy ask where I got them so he could get some for his mother’s birthday! I may not live on a Yellow Brick Road but with the right color in the right places I always feel at home in my wardrobe; and we all know, there’s no place like home. And as my sister-in-law found out, a little can often go a long way!

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