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There are only a few days left before the big holiday and I still need to finish my last minute shopping! šŸ˜‰ Recently one thought has been on my mind quite often. Who am I? Lol, I know, it sounds so deep and heavy. In China there is a saying: ā€when you are in your 40s, there should be no doubting and questioning any more about your lifeā€. But it is so unsure for me. I am still in the stage of finding or creating myself. I thought I was done with this but this blog makes me think even more about what I want to present of myself? I am still not 100% done thinking yet but there is one thing that comes to me very clearly. I am not a cool kid, but I am a woman. I will be true to myself. I have a job and I am a grown up. That means I need to dress for work and also in an age appropriate style.


What to pick when you are putting clothes on every day? I usually pick one piece that speaks to me and makes me excited to wear it that day. And then I build a whole outfit around this key piece. For this look, I started with the brown plaid skinny pants. I love the classic pattern and the fitted shape so it will not look bulky when I wear a pair of boots. I hate to carry my coat when Iā€™m stepping into a mall so I used the orange cashmere sweater to keep me warm. The scarf, leather gloves and wool hat added more layers and sophistication.






brown plaid skinny pants
brown plaid skinny pants

Hat @Saks Off 5th Avenue
Sweater @Lord & Taylor
Necklace and pants @Nordstrom Rack
Bag and gloves @TJ Maxx
Boots @Burlington Coat Factory
Happy holiday and cheers!

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