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Owl Sweater
Owl Sweater






What a day! I’m looking outside at a beautiful blue sky. The sun is shining and there’s still no snow on the ground! I know the song talks about a white Christmas but I’m really OK with the green grass still showing. We had a great holiday, lots of food and family time. Oh, and maybe some gifts, including a new camera! I hope you’ll be seeing some better pictures as soon as we figure out all the functions!
I really love big, fun graphics on an otherwise solid colored sweater. Animals, objects, characters or other graphics really add a bit of whimsy to your outfit. I often mix this type of casual sweater with a plaid or denim button down shirt but I wanted a bit more sophistication in this outfit. To accomplish this I paired with a dressy and timeless pencil skirt. These skirts are an absolute must for your wardrobe as they never seem to go out of style. They remind me of the old movies I would watch when I was younger. Set in the 30’s and 40’s I have always loved that era of glamour and style. When I found the little pillbox hat with net veil I just knew it would be the right piece to complete the nostalgic feel of this look.
Now to add that slash of bold color that I can’t live without I grabbed a bright blue quilted purse. The velvety finish is soft to the touch and very feminine. The black of the skirt flowed into black tights and ended with some bright red high heels for another colorful highlight. My necklace is keeping right in with the latest trend. A statement pendant style large pearl on a short not quite choker length chain really makes sure the fun sweater is still taken seriously! After all, fashion isn’t all fun and games!

Pillbox hat and Velour Purse @Forever 21
Pendant necklace @Express
Sweater and Pencil skirt @Sears
Shoes @DSWy


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