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Winter White for All

I’m really loving my new year so far! Only one day old and the local college team won a thrilling Cotton Bowl game yesterday. Go MSU! And we had a very yummy dinner of fried dumplings, lobster tail and homemade soup! It’s possible that some Japanese plum wine helped to boost the spirits too! The snow is still holding off this winter in the Detroit area but the cold has definitely found its way here! I only have a few days left on my long holiday break but plan to make the most of them! Today is “gasp” SHOPPING! I know, it’s hard to believe I’d start this year the same way I finished last! Then a romantic dinner and back home to curl up by the fire and relax. After all, I have to pace myself and get ready to go back to the routine on Monday!

white skinny jeans
white skinny jeans

For today’s post I’m breaking away from my usual use of color for a trip on the high C’s: Crisp, clean, cool & chic. To drive this point home I’m wearing a pair of white skinny jeans so cool they’re almost frozen. Many women underestimate the versatility of white pants in their wardrobe. You really should have a pair (or 5) in your closet! And please do NOT believe that whole “don’t wear white after Labor Day” propaganda! I think that old fable came from the dye suppliers! White looks great and right at home in winter as much as any other season. They are incredibly versatile and can go with virtually any top.

black blazer/jacket
black blazer/jacket

In this post I wanted to create a modern chic look. I knew I would use my equally cool black 1 button jacket with floral highlights at the shoulder. I may be breaking my tradition a bit but am right in step with the classic black & white theme. I wanted to add a hard, city vibe with white skinny jeans, so chose a pair with zippers on the legs and ankles. I know I’m a sweetheart but still like to show that tough girl feel! Adding the light brown shirt helped to tone down and balance out the stark seriousness that can happen with a black and white palette. As you can tell, I do like color and always try for a mix of at least 3, so I added the leopard print bag and shoes to hit my quota! Last, but by no means least, is the white faux fur scarf. This is clearly the focal point and echoes the season while adding depth and texture. The oversize sunglasses are a classic way to make sure my face wasn’t overshadowed by the furry fun scarf. OK, I couldn’t help adding just a little color! This time I kept it minimal but still popping with my bright lipstick and nail polish.

leopard bag
leopard clutch bag
leopard high heel booties
leopard high heel booties
white faux fur scarf
white faux fur scarf

Sunglasses @Chloé
White faux fur scarf @Guess
Skinny jeans @Paige and shoes @Nordstrom Rack
Leopard purse @Express
Blouse @JC Penney

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