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I spent a couple months visiting my native China this past summer. Spent is probably the best word to describe our trip as I also spent a pretty fair amount of my hard earned cash on some new clothes! I owned a women’s clothing web store when I lived in Shanghai and got to be pretty good at the wholesale market tricks and techniques! I tend to look for cool off season items to save money. Of course this means that you’re always lagging behind the current trends, so it’s better to not try to keep up. To make sure my finds are still welcome in my closet when the weather is more suitable, I stick with more classic styles of good quality. This is a winning strategy that can stand the test of time.

Hot pink sweatdress
Hot pink sweatdress

I found this hot pink sweater dress during the steamy summer months and knew it would be a great and bright addition to my winter wardrobe! The soft texture of a sweater dress paired with a long wool overcoat is a simple but very chic fusion that’s just right for keeping warm and fashionable even when the winter winds roar.

Leopard scarf with dress
Leopard scarf with dress

And speaking of roar, this look went right off the charts when I added a leopard pattern long scarf with thin belt to the mix! This is an oh-so-simple way to create a fun, fabulous feeling with an otherwise somewhat basic solid color dress. The scarf and belt animal print accessories added a flowing feel and layers as they appear to be almost a part of the sweater dress. I really love how this brought a more in your face grown up look. This outfit is ready to pounce on a girl’s night out, a lunch date at that trendy new restaurant or rocking the office…again…as usual!

black long coat street style
black long coat street style

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