What’s with all these labels and categories? Are you Liberal or Conservative? City or country? Pro-gress or Con-gress? A dog person or cat person? At least on that last one I can say I like both, but have neither! We watched my father-in-law’s ancient kitty for a while when Dad was having some medical issues and I definitely got attached to the old guy. The cat that is but I like Dad too! And when I was in China visiting with my family this summer I spent some time with my nephew’s unbelievably adorable Mini-Schnauzer puppy Wanan. Every time I see a cute little ball of fur I get the urge. But then my neatness gene kicks back in and I look around my mostly clean house and think “maybe not!” At least not yet. We like to travel and its nice being able to do so at the drop of a hat; a stylish and classic wool hat of course! Anyway, I think for now, I’ll get my fauna fix via my wardrobe!

prints on prints street style
prints on prints street style
black and white faux fur vest
black and white faux fur vest street style

You may have noticed but if not I’ll say again that animal patterns are my favorite prints. They are classic and classy; trendy and timeless. But I also love a classic stripe pattern! What to do? Which do I choose? Well whenever I have a difficult choice between two favorites the easy way out is to go with both! So I started with a cool black and white horizontal striped long sleeved pullover. Then I covered it with a warm fuzzy leopard print sweater. It’s closed with a single button to help give me some desirable shapeliness.

leopard sweater street style
leopard sweater street style

Layering out I went back to black and white with a fun furry faux fur vest to add warmth and balance to the two underlying prints. A slimming, shapely black front split midi-skirt helps create a clean and interesting look. I love this combination for a tough but still feminine vibe. I’ve found that you can instantly dial up most outfits a notch or two simply by topping off with a coordinated hat. Oversized paparazzi evading shades are a must add as well. I wanted to keep this outfit less busy than it sounds so chose a purse living in the same color family. But I’m always drawn to a bit of a hard edge feeling so made sure the purse featured metal accent edges and studs.

black front split midi skirt street style
black front split midi skirt street style
brown studded bag street style
brown studded bag street style
black feather felt hat street style
black feather felt hat street style

Hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Fur Vest @Neiman Marcus
Striped and Leopard print tops @New York & Co
Skirt & @Calvin Klein Booties @Nordstrom Rack
Studded Purse @TJ Maxx

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  1. Love your outfit! The faux fur vest is stunning!

    I would love it if we would follow each other on bloglovin! Please check out my blog and let me know if you have followed me. I will follow back immediately!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


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