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How to style dressy shorts in winter

Start bailing out that bucket list!

My husband and I started putting together our travel bucket list about a year ago. We’ve knocked a couple things off in 2014 but this year we will have to slow it down a bit. I think we’re still getting bills from last years trips! Or maybe those are just the leftovers from the holiday gifts. Either way we plan to probably stay a bit closer to home this year. That’s not to say we won’t still check off a destination or two. Gas has been at its lowest price since I moved to America in 2007 so we plan to take advantage of that. I’ve delegated to my husband the task of planning the great road trip of 2015! My only requirements were it must be warm and there must be a beach involved! I’m pretty pumped for the great opportunities this will give me for future outfits, posts and photo shoots! My biggest worry is that without the baggage limits from the airlines or dollhouse sized storage on a cruise ship I may “accidentally” pack a few too many clothes! Stay tuned!

A dressy shorts are the fun piece for winter layering
A dressy shorts are the fun piece for winter layering

Today I’m in a bit more playful mood and wanted my outfit to reflect that. I thought I would add a bit of youthful fun to my outfit. And what article of clothing says young better than shorts? Once the theme was set all I had to do was go to work, or play as it happens. My foundation piece would be a cool and sculpted pair of shorts. Not just grey but a shimmery, scaly snakeskin pattern. These shorts have great lines with an irregular hem shape and overlapping layers. I’ve actually built other outfits from these shorts but they didn’t quite meet my quality standard. You would probably be surprised by how many outfits I’ve tried that just weren’t good enough for me to present to you! It’s just one more way that I’m working hard so you don’t have to! Shorts are always a great choice for anyone with a petite frame. They help to create the illusion that I’m a taller figure than I really am.

How to style dressy shorts in winter
How to style dressy shorts in winter

To help with this deception I kept everything below the shorts in the same color family. When you have a strong contrast it can have the effect of visually cutting off my legs. And NO ONE wants that! My black tights and tall black suede boots were a natural extension of the grey in the snake skin. These charcoal tones can go with just about any part of the rainbow. For today’s look I paired with a rich, deep burgundy color sweater. This top not only keeps me warm but by featuring a dark blue polka dot pattern it kept right in line with the tone of the day. The polka dot pattern is great as it’s chic but without being too busy. The burgundy in the sweater had plenty of company with similar hued large leather purse and wool hat. The blue in the dots matched the band of the hat and gave me my inspiration for my next layer. That is where I let my timeless jean jacket contribute its share to my relaxed playful mood. Last but way far from least is my super cool go to black and white faux fur vest. This not only kicked everything up a notch but helped to unify the whole look from head to toe. Or is it from fangs to rattle?

Purple pok dot sweater
How to style dressy shorts in winter
Black high heel boots
How to style dressy shorts in winter
Black and Whit faux fur vest
How to style dressy shorts in winter
Wine leather crossbody purse
How to style dressy shorts in winter
Wine leather crossbody oversize purse
How to style dressy shorts in winter

Hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Faux Fur Vest @Neiman Marcus
Jean Jacket @White House/Black Market
Polka Dot Sweater @Ann Taylor
Snakeskin shorts @Express
Leather purse @TJ Maxx
Suede boots @Lord & Taylor



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