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Video – How to Organize your Closet

This goes here, that goes there…or else!

I like to be organized. No, that’s not strong enough. I MUST be organized! It helps me with every aspect of my life. At work I have a daily planner that has every page completely filled. If it goes in the planner it happens. If I don’t have time to finish everything that’s on the page of the day it goes to the next day until it gets checked off. My coworkers even make fun of me a bit but I think they’re just jealous at my superior organizing skills! It does cause some small problems though, especially when I have to deal with someone who isn’t quite as disciplined as I am! That would be my husband of course! Although he has gotten a lot better since we’ve been married but I still have to make frequent “suggestions” when a pile of mail or stack of newspapers sits too long. The same policy of everything in its proper place goes for my wardrobe too. I like to keep my clothes sorted by season, style and color. You’d be surprised how much time this can save day to day. If you’d like to see an example you’re in luck! I just posted my latest video showing exactly how and why I keep my closet in order while saving time in the process. Your short time spent will be paid back every morning! I hope you enjoy it.



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