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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day—Video 1 The Sunshine Valentine

This is only the beginning!

Those 3 terrible words you dread. What to wear? Have I got good news for you! I have been posting several outfits on my blog recently showing different styles that are fabulous for a Valentine’s Day date or any special occasion. Could it get any better? I’m glad you asked because the answer to that is a big YES! I’m now accompanying these posts with 4 videos; each focusing on a style that will fit your mood and personality. I don’t like to dress out of character for me. It makes me feel uncomfortable and almost like I’m getting ready for a costume party instead of a night out with my husband. I’m going to be giving you tips and suggestions on 4 unique themes and this first one is for an upbeat, happy person. I’m calling this video Sunshine Valentine. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned as I post the next three videos in the series, one every few days.



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