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Video—A sweet Valentine

Ahhh, Sunday.

A great day to relax, take it easy, sleep in…WHAT?!?!?!? Valentine’s Day is a WEEK from today? It’s OK, I’m here for you! This is the second of my four video series of Valentine’s looks to fit your mood and personality. The first one was for a Sunshine Valentine. I featured bright bold colors and styles. Today, I’m toning things down a bit. We will be going in a softer sweeter direction. Light pastel shades of colors will be the focus here. These looks will be just the thing for a younger woman who is looking for that just right outfit to wear to a dinner date. Here in Michigan it’s still looking pretty white and grey outside but these soft colors will remind you of the spring that will soon be here. So get another cup of coffee or tea and sit back and relax. There’s no need to panic, if you haven’t seen something to fit your mood in these first two videos I still have a couple more to come before the big day. Thanks and enjoy!


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