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My blog turned 2 months old February 7.

I’m always looking for ways to improve and change things up for you so I asked for some loyal readers to write a guest post. Tell me how you found my blog and what you think I’m doing right and wrong. I’ll be sharing the responses with you if or when I get some! One of the things I like most about running a blog is seeing the comments from my regular visitors. I feel I’m beginning to know you and you me. One of those regulars is Chizzy. She always has a nice thing to say about my posts and I really look forward to hearing from her. She also sent me a short post telling how she came across my blog and why she keeps coming back. I’m going to share that with you now. Enjoy!


A relationship is just a connection between people.

Chizoba Okoroji
Chizoba Okoroji

December 2014,I wanted to open a blog(,to promote my small retailing business and also enhance my writing skills. I started searching the internet for ideas, then I stumbled into +Grace Liang on google plus. What actually got me was the blogging tips she shared.
I was excited because that was what I was looking for. After reading, I dropped a comment and she replied. Which made me ‘over the moon’, that a fresher like me can get a response from a Pro, meant a lot. I wanted to learn more so I added her to my circle. I like her fashion blog because the colour combination of her style can work well on my skin tone and also the clothes are street style.

Keep it flowing!!!!!

More grace to your colour.

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