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How to leap on a Leopard sweater look

Winter in August!

Yesterday I told you part 2 of my first American vacation. Here is the final chapter. We went on a road trip to drive around Lake Michigan. Most of the nights we stayed in motels or a Bed & Breakfast Inn but my dear husband wanted to try camping so I agreed. Our first night in the tent was in the far north of Michigan and was actually pretty nice so I thought this trip would be no problem! As we continued through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula we went through one tiny town after another. It was a bit scary in some of these. They were empty! This was a few years ago and the economy was especially bad in this part of the state. I guess all the people had left to try to find work somewhere else but a lot of these places seemed like ghost towns. We also saw some funny names for businesses. We passed a restaurant named The Mosquito Inn. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to name a place to eat after a bug that everyone hates! Anyway we finally got to our next campground. This time we were near a pretty big waterfall. We ate a nice dinner at the lodge in our park and went back to our tent. Everything was fine until the sun went down. We were camping in August but in the far north woods it felt like winter! I was freezing. My feet felt like ice and I couldn’t warm up no matter how much I tried to. I was miserable and didn’t sleep at all. I was too busy shivering! Of course my husband had no problem sleeping which made it even worse! The next day I decided that at least for this trip, we would spend the rest of the nights safely, and warmly, in a comfortable bed. That was almost 8 years ago and I’m happy to say I haven’t stepped foot in a tent since! I’m sure we’ll try camping again but only if we go someplace where I’m going to be warm. For now though, my idea of roughing it is to have a TV with less than 100 channels!

How to leap on a Leopard sweater look
How to leap on a Leopard sweater look

Today’s picture may look a bit less snowy than my recent ones. There’s a reason for that, I first put this outfit together in December. At that time I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to show. I am a pretty picky person when it comes to my clothes. When I ask my husband what he thinks I never get much useful feedback. It seems he loves everything I wear so I usually have to be my own worst critic. But sometimes, just as with people, it takes time to make up your mind about an outfit. After you go back to look again you find that maybe it’s not too bad after all. It’s pretty much the same way I was when I first met my husband! It definitely wasn’t love at first sight but just like with this outfit, I’m really happy I took another look!


Now that I’m checking it out again I’m not sure why I wasn’t on board earlier. It has that classic chic style I love. My favorite combo of leopard and leather was at full strength and I really like the oversize hat and knee high suede boots to frame the skirt, sweater and coat outfit. I have a nice splash of pop with the integrated blingy necklace on the sweater which nicely played off the bracelet and chain strap on the soft quilted leather bag. Anyway I hope you agree that it was a good thing I sometimes take a second look. I know my husband does!


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Rock Star Bracelet
Rock Star Bracelet
The Mini Murano
The Mini Murano
When In Rome
When In Rome

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Hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Leopard Coat @Guess
Striped Sweater @The Limited
Leather quilted bag @Express
Leather Skirt @Forever 21
Suede boots @Lord & Taylor
Wristwatch @Movado
Bracelet @Pandora
Sunnies @Chloe


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