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In the last couple posts, I’ve been telling you about my first few days after I arrived in America. My story continues today! I had left the huge city of Shanghai to live in a tiny town in Michigan with my fiancé. One of the first things I noticed was how quiet our neighborhood was. I sat on our front porch for a long time and not a single car or person went by. This was very unusual for me and I started to wonder if anyone really lived in this town! Of course most of the people in our area were either at school or work and later in the evenings, things started to get busier. I never learned to drive when I lived in China. It’s pretty common actually and very easy because there are buses and subways everywhere in Shanghai.

Sporty chic

Until either my fiancé got home and could take me to a real store or shopping mall, the only shopping I could do on my own had to be within walking distance. I had walked around some of the other parts of town and didn’t seem to have any problems so thought it was time I checked out the shopping action. Our house was only a few blocks away from the little downtown area so this wouldn’t be a problem. And besides, I liked to walk. There were a few stores, some restaurants, a movie theater and some other businesses in the town so that’s where I headed. Most of the stores were sort of boutiques so I took a look around to get an idea of what fashion meant in small town America. For the most part I decided I hadn’t been missing much! There were a few nice items and the sales people were very cheerful and helpful. Of course I still couldn’t understand most of what they were saying to me, but everyone was so friendly it didn’t matter.

black overknee skirt

I didn’t see much that interested me until I walked into a lingerie store. OMG! There in front of me was the biggest bra I had ever seen! If you know any Chinese women, you may have noticed that most of us are pretty small in that department. These bras I saw could easily cover my whole head, in each cup! I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh! I thought I must have moved to a land of giants! Of course I didn’t know enough English to explain to the sales clerk what I was laughing at, so figured I had better leave and get back to my shopping. It was pretty clear there was nothing for me at that store! It didn’t take long to check out the rest of the stores in the small downtown. Since I couldn’t talk much with the sales clerks and I still wasn’t sure about the American money and how the prices compared, I was just window shopping that time. I was still trying to get used to people on the sidewalk saying hello to me but I kind of liked it. I had grown up in small towns in China but most of my adult life had been spent in big cold cities. I never expected to become a small town girl again but at least during the first few days it seemed, so far, so good. Coming up next- Now, about that house!

Guess crop top

sporty chic

Elephant bracelet






Hat @Rue 21
Cropped Top @Guess, find similar here.
Skirt @Ann Taylor
Quilted Leather Bag @DKNY
Strength Elephant Charm Bracelet @My Arm Charms
Bracelets @TJ Maxx
Shoes @TJ Maxx


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  • Eloise

    Sounds like you’re having an adventure of a time! Love the photos too, can I ask what camera/lens you use? Your photos are such great quality!


    • gliang

      Hi Eloise, thank you for stopping by! The camera is a Sony a6000, the lens is a Sony f1.8/50mm. I love my camera so much and it made me look better than I really am. Lol! I had very good luck with Sony.

  • swati

    you have a great smile dear….i loved your bag and hair 🙂
    moving to a new place especially to a new country can sometimes be problematic but if you have good people around it becomes much more easier….all the best for you new experiences and new life 🙂

    • gliang

      Lol! It was awkward! But I did have a great time those years. As long as I am with my husband and my family, I am very grateful and happy! 🙂

  • Deepak

    You look super fabulous. Love the outfits you carried. I think you really enjoying your travel. I specially liked the Skirt. Great post carry on bookmarked.

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