If you are a regular reader you may remember I did a collaboration blog with Rachel of Garaytreasures with faux fur vests. We both had such a blast that we decided to do it again. We were talking and noticed that we both happen to own and rock a white hat and a leather cuff bracelet so that is the subject of today’s collaboration. And to spice things up we are tying it in with a giveaway. You can enter anytime from today until March 30 by filling out the form below. And if you came back to see how my driving lesson posts are coming along, don’t worry, our story continues!


What’s a blind spot?

So there I was. Learning how to drive and being taught by my husband. I was in America after all. And in the Detroit area there really wasn’t much of an alternative. There were thousands of people around here who were counting on my getting my driver’s license so I could buy a car and they could keep their jobs for another day! So much pressure! I had been practicing in a large mostly empty parking lot in the small town I had moved to. One of the things I would eventually be tested on was parking. So my husband/teacher figured what better place to try than a parking lot? It already had all those yellow lines painted on the ground. I was trying, without a lot of success to keep our car between those lines without going over the third one at the front of my spot. Even though our car was pretty tiny compared to a lot of the huge machines they seem to love in this country, I was still having only limited success making it go exactly where I wanted. Sometimes I turned the wheel too much and others not quite enough. And trying to judge where the front end of my car was in relation to a yellow line on the ground that I could no longer see once I got close was harder than it sounded!

leather cuff
leather cuff

I was getting a bit frustrated but kept trying. On each attempt, we would stop and get out and walk around and see how I had done. Then I would just drive forward to get lined up for my next try. This was a good strategy I thought and why not? There was no one in front of me so it seemed like a no-brainer. But then my “teacher” observed that it wouldn’t always be so empty in a parking lot and I was going to have to learn how to back up eventually. Well, I had been getting a bit better going forward and after all, if anyone knew how to use a mirror, it was me. I’d been putting makeup and lipstick on while looking at my reflection for years; so I was probably a natural! Although I’ve never actually been wrong in the presence of my husband, it turns out that on this subject, I was less right than usual! When you are backing up in a car you actually have to do everything wrong! When I was pulling into the parking space and wanted to turn right, I moved my hands to the right and that’s the way the car went. But backing up if I turned the wheel to the right, the car went left! I don’t know whose crazy idea that was but I was NOT happy with it. Of course, my husband, the engineer, tried to explain it to me with his stupid man-logic but that was not helpful at all.

floral jacket
floral jacket

If this was going to have any chance of working, I had to think about it in terms that I could relate to: Lipstick. When I was putting on my lipstick and looking at myself in the mirror, even though I was holding it in my right hand, the person in the reflection held it with her left. Well that made sense, when going from front to back, left was right and right was left. Easy. So I tried it again. No, I still couldn’t do it. I knew which way my “instructor” wanted me to leave after backing out but it just wasn’t happening. Either I would start to turn the right way and then straighten out before I was in the correct position, or I just turned the wrong way altogether, or I barely turned at all and backed right into the imaginary car behind me across the aisle. I kept going back and forth into the same spot until I started to get a feel for what happened when I turned the wheel. I still had a lot of trouble not going over the lines. My husband assured me that I just needed to practice more and I had done enough for that day. On the way back through our little town he wanted to stop at our local library to return some books. He easily made his way along the small streets, waited at the stop sign, turned left and pulled right into a parking spot. I got out to take a look. The car was exactly in the middle of the two lines, just short of the end of the space. Show off. Please come back next time because, I hit the road!

white hat
white hat
red bag
red bag
red flats
red flats
white cropped skinny jeans
white cropped skinny jeans
My arm charms bracelets
My arm charms bracelets





You regular readers may remember I co-hosted a giveaway in February with one of the prizes being the Rock Star Bracelet from My Arm Charms. I got so many comments about this great piece of bling that I was thrilled to see it’s the grand prize in this month’s giveaway! This is a giveaway for US residents only. A winner will be selected at random on the Rafflecopter link and entries verified then. This giveaway is from 3/16 to 3/30. As an added bonus you can get $10 off a minimum $30 subtotal purchase by joining the My Arm Charms e-mail list.

Rock Star Bracelet
Rock Star Bracelet

See it here: http://myarmcharms.com/products/rock-star
This glamorous Rock Star Bracelet is edgy, model chic in a bold teal and features:
-Cast metal design
-1 3/4″H
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-Lead and nickel compliant

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

US Residents Only. Winner is contacted via email, you must enter a valid email and must confirm receipt within 24 hours from the time and date emailed. This event is in no way administered, sponsored or endorsed by, or associated with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest or any other Social Media platform. No purchase is necessary to enter. Odds of winning are contingent on the number of entries received. You will have 24 hours to respond or prize is forfeited and a new winner will be selected. Void where prohibited by law. The SPONSER is responsible for shipping and delivery of the prize unless otherwise stated and the owners of Colorandgrace.com are not liable for prize delivery or receipt. You will hold colorandgrace.com harmless of all claims. All entries will be verified before winner is notified and any bad entries will be disqualified. Sponsor has the option to replace prize with something of equal or lessor value if the prize is no longer obtainable.

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  1. Cheri

    Grace, you look sooo Beautiful! Your outfits and stories are a reflection* of you … Lively, Daring/Risk taker, Fun, Cool, Glam and Classy! *pun intended/what’s a blind spot 😉

    Your Hair is Dreamy! Idk if it’s the Chinese or Native Tribe of this continent Genes in our Family but first born Sister’s hair use to look like yours until she chopped most of it off (can’t say o. l. d. e. s. t. since I’d to keep my teeth) o.O

    Girl I feel if you submit your writings there’s a Strong possibility your work would be Published! Ijs

    And Yes men have this notion that they somehow have the Inherit right to be Right/Ignorant ha ha You’re Hilarious!

    Take Care and Have a Fabulous Day! 🙂

  2. Ada

    Loved this collaboration between you two rocking that pretty white fedora with the black sash (I need one for the Summer). That leather cuff you ladies are giving away is so cool and trendy. I must say I love your floral blazer, the loafer flats and all the other bracelets also. Such a put-together look!

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