What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day

Why is everyone wearing green?

One thing I’ve been surprised about since I moved to America is how much American’s like to celebrate other country’s holidays. I think that often the holidays are more popular here than in whatever country they came from. Of course this isn’t always true and in fact, I’ve been a bit disappointed in how little Chinese New Year is observed. Even with the Chinese people that are living here. I always have a big dinner and decorate our home but many of my friends that also came here from China don’t do anything. I think they could learn from a lot of the Americans who love to honor other country’s traditions. I have heard from some people I know who are from Mexico that Cinco de Mayo isn’t a very big deal there at all. But here there are all sorts of parties and festivals. But I think the one that really takes the top place is St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know how it is everywhere in America but around the Detroit area, people go crazy for it. It seems that every year on March 17 the whole world is Irish!

What to wear on St. Patrick's Day
What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day

As you may have guessed, this is not the same in China. When I lived there, I never even heard of this holiday. But when I met my future husband in Shanghai, he decided it was his job to open my eyes to a more international viewpoint. So it was with this in mind, that in the first March after we met, he was going to introduce me to Irish culture. Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world and attracts people from all over. And of course in order to make those people feel at home, there are plenty of businesses that try to remind them of where they came from. One of these was an Irish pub named O’Malley’s. This occupied a huge mansion in one of the old colonial neighborhoods of Shanghai This place had been well known for many years to all the foreign business people who had moved to Shanghai for their jobs, and was the place to be in Shanghai for all things Irish. They served Irish stew, featured musicians playing Irish music and of course poured out gallons of Guinness. My fiancé decided we would pay them a visit so I could taste my first corned beef and try my first Irish beverage.

Green long dress
Green long dress

I am not much of a drinker. And that’s especially true for beer. I much prefer a nice glass of wine. So that made it extra difficult to swallow that Irish beer. I think that you have to either really like beer or maybe have some very strange taste buds to actually enjoy Guinness! It doesn’t look or taste, like any beer that I had ever tried. It was nothing at all, like Chinese beer! Although my future husband didn’t seem to mind it, I was not a fan! So he was looking at the menu to try to find something he thought I might like better when the waitress mentioned that they had a sale on a drink called a B-52. Of course, I had never heard about this but my guy seemed to know what it was and said I’d probably like it. What he decided I didn’t need to know was that these drinks were made of 3 different kinds of alcohol in one glass! The waitress brought out a small tray of 4 tiny glasses. The special price they had was that you only paid for 2 but got 4 glasses. They were pretty interesting looking and like I said, quite small so I figured I would try one. It was DELICIOUS! Creamy and sweet with a taste of coffee and maybe orange, it didn’t taste like alcohol at all. By now, our food had come and I was enjoying that too. I had never eaten corned beef but I really liked the taste. In the northeast part of China where I was from, we eat a lot of potatoes and cabbage so this Irish food was actually pretty familiar to me. There were some men in a corner playing music and I was having a very nice night. Time for another one of those tiny B-52s I thought. It was so smooth and I didn’t feel tipsy at all. So we might as well get another order: And maybe another after that. I am not sure how many tiny glasses showed up that night, but the next morning I was introduced to another Irish tradition, a headache! That was exactly 10 years ago and I haven’t had a B-52 since! But I still like corned beef, potatoes and cabbage! I hope you have a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day!

leopard short jacket
leopard short jacket
What to wear on St. Patrick's Day
What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day
pearl necklace
pearl necklace
What to wear on St. Patrick's Day
What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day
What to wear on St. Patrick's Day
What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day
What to wear on St. Patrick's Day
What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day

Leopard Jacket @H&M
Green long dress old @from China
Leopard booties @Nordstrom Rack
White leather bag @DKNY

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  1. Cheri

    It is Strange more in this country don’t Celebrate Chinese New Year! Living in So Cal I’ve only gone out a couple times, due to work schedule but think it’s a Blast! All the Art, Color, Dance, Food, Music and Festivities leave me Awestruck! Did I mention Food??? 😉

    Okay I’m as #teamleopard as anyone, but would’ve Never in a Million years thought about pairing my Beloved Leopard with a green Gown … must say it’s a Very Cool look!

    Job Well Done Grace! 😉 Stay Warm and Have a Tremendous Day! 🙂

    1. I know! I wish some year Americans will celebrate Chinese New Year so I will have more reasons to ask a day off for my biggest holiday. 😉 I learned that Leopard can pair with all the bold colors. You will see I pair them with pink tomorrow. 😉

  2. Happy st. Patricks day! This dress on you is so beautiful and has a timeless beauty to it. Wow those B-52’s sound like explosives haha but they sound yummy. Sorry about your hangover the next day. Thank you for linking this up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” today.
    Rachel xo

  3. Ada

    Hahahahaa, I love your question at the beginning of the post. LOL I must say that Green Pleated Maxi Dress is stunning and pairs so well with the pretty leopard pieces. I had no idea you lived in the Detroit area. I lived in Metropolitan Detroit for about 15 years. My entire family is still there. Next time I am there maybe we should meet up for a coffee or drink. But yeah St. Patrick’s is huge there. Happy Green Day, Grace!

  4. Josie Guerra

    We have been having an Irish festival at the park and excellent weather for it. But let’s get down to business…you look beautiful and glamorous in your fantastic green dress! That coat really makes a statement. All around chic!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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