Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!

Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!

Everybody has a tan or brown trench coat. So how can you stand out from the crowd? Here is how I do it. 😉

Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!

My life story in America continues below:

Time to leave the parking lot!

If you’ve been riding along you know I had to learn to drive after I moved to America from China. My fiancé at the time decided he could teach me so we started the lessons. We started small, in a local cemetery of all places! Then we moved the practice to a local parking lot in our small town we were living in. Well you can only get so much real world practice without going out into the real world, so my future husband/driving teacher decided it was time to hit the road. Well at least a little bit. I still didn’t feel comfortable going fast or with a lot of traffic but luckily we were living in a tiny town with a lot of quiet neighborhoods I could practice in. So I backed out of our driveway without hitting anything and put the car into first gear, and stalled. Here we go again! If you haven’t been following my posts, SHAME ON YOU! Joking! But you won’t have read that our only car I had to learn with had a manual shifter. So that added an extra layer of difficulty to my learning. This kind of cars is actually pretty unusual in America. I know a lot of adults who grew up here that don’t know how to use a clutch to shift gears. But just because misery loves company didn’t mean I loved our car! But I also didn’t have any choice. So I started the car again and got it going down our street. As with most small towns there were a series of streets going one direction and then cross streets going at mostly right angles. Sometimes I would have a stop sign at the intersection, sometimes the cross street would have a stop sign and sometimes we both had a stop sign. I was going so slowly that I pretty much stopped at all of them!

Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!

But that was OK. It gave me some good opportunities to practice starting up again. Give it some gas…let the clutch out slowly…slowly…stall! Darn, darn, darn! Ok, start the car, give it some gas, look in the mirror, AHHHHH, THERE’S A CAR BEHIND ME!!!!WHERE DID THAT COME FROM???WHAT DO I DO??? My husband had been trying to teach me to check my mirrors often and look around to make sure what was going on around my car. But until now, I had never been in a place where there were other cars going the same direction as me. OK, don’t panic, you can do this, clutch out slowly…STALL! What was I forgetting? Oh yes, B..R..E..A..T..H..E.. Look in the mirror: Yup, still there. But they didn’t seem upset. Better to not look. Start the car, gas, clutch…slowly…YES! I was moving again. I took a quick look in my mirror and was thrilled, that other car had turned on the cross street and it was all clear behind me again. This was MUCH better. Shift into second gear, let the clutch out and just in time for another stop sign! You have GOT to be kidding me. How did they expect anyone to get anywhere with all this stupid stopping and starting? Gas, clutch, hey, no problem this time! OK, yay for me! Wait, there’s nothing but trees in front of me. My street ended and I had to either turn left to go on a cross street or right to go into our city park. After the near death experience I had just had I thought a nice drive in the park would be just the thing to get me back on track: Right it was.

Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!

So far, so good! Everything was going slow and smooth and then, the pavement ended. Oh, the road kept going but once we got into the park, the road was made of dirt. It was not only dirt but it had been raining recently so was actually more like mud. And it wasn’t exactly flat either. There were low spots everywhere that had filled with muddy water which splashed up when my tires hit them. Sometimes this dirty water would even land on our windshield directly in front of me. Great, now I couldn’t see where I was going! OK, I had learned this. Where was the control for the windshield wipers? Here? No, that was the turn signal. Here? No, that turned on my high beams. Ah, here it was! What a silly place to put it. There were so many things to remember. Where did I push or pull or turn for this and that. And we had a pretty small uncomplicated car. I couldn’t imagine if I had some big luxury car with touch screens and voice controls. Well, actually I imagined it all the time, in fact. EVERY TIME I HAD TO PUSH THAT STUPID CLUTCH IN! Anyway, my windshield was clean now and I kept going around the park. If you’ve read some earlier posts you know that our small town has a lake nearby and this park was right on the shore. It even had a swimming beach for the summer. One thing I liked about this park was that the traffic only went one direction. That meant I didn’t have to worry about cars coming towards me. The road pretty much made a big circle. First it went next to the lake then turned to go around a big hill before turning again to head out towards the entrance gate. There was one place on the way back out where you could turn around to go by the lake again. My “teacher” directed me to use this little turnaround road. No problem I thought. Wait. What’s this? Another stop sign? AND this time I was on a small hill. OK, maybe problem! Find out how much of a problem when you come back to read my next post. Please that is!

Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have---A Pink Trench Coat!
Spring fashion 2015 must have—A Pink Trench Coat!


Pink trench coat old from China
Sweater @Tommy Hilfiger
Skinny Jeans @Loft
Leopard pumps @DSW @Nine West
Bag @michael Kors


You regular readers may remember I co-hosted a giveaway in February with one of the prizes being the Rock Star Bracelet from My Arm Charms. I got so many comments about this great piece of bling that I was thrilled to see it’s the grand prize in this month’s giveaway! This is a giveaway for US residents only. A winner will be selected at random on the Rafflecopter link and entries verified then. This giveaway is from 3/16 to 3/30. As an added bonus you can get $10 off a minimum $30 subtotal purchase by joining the My Arm Charms e-mail list.

Rock Star Bracelet
Rock Star Bracelet

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  1. Cheri

    Oddly enough I also have a pink trench! You know Love it with #teamleopard pumps and tote! Fab look! 🙂

    Grace, you’re a International Treasure! Now lets Hope a Publisher or in Hollywood agent can steer you in the right direction! Left on a hill huh … guess you set us up for another Real Cliffhanger … Literally and Figuratively! *can’t resist the puns* he he 😉

    Be Well and Clever Always!
    Wishing you a Bright Warm Sunshiny Day! 🙂 (looks like you could use it) 😉

    1. Lol! I hope I have the luck to meet someone in my life to help me for a higher level in the future. But I am pretty happy now anyway. 😉 You have to come back to read more. There are still a few days to continue. 😉 See you!

  2. Josie Guerra

    Good day Grace?
    You look ready for travel in your lovely pink trench coat and animal print pumps. Your stylish bag looks like it would be wonderful for carrying essentials and then some. As always you look absolutely beautiful! Wishing you safe travels.☺

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