how to style A Leather on leather trend outfit

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit!

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit

Leather is the way forward this season. Skirts, skinnies or satchels; whatever wardrobe staple you’re after, make it leather – the classic, luxe fabric we love all year round. See how I interpret leather on leather trend.;)

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit

My driving story continues below. Enjoy!

It’s all downhill from here!

In a sort of famous book called “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams there is a simple message on the cover of the title book. It says “Don’t Panic”. This message was lost on me. I was learning how to drive in our little car with the manual shifter and I was stopped at the top of a steep hill. The only direction I was confident in going was backwards, and at a pretty high rate of speed. It was a “good news, bad news” kind of situation. A quick look in my mirror showed that no one was behind me. That was the good news. The bad news was that this meant that there would be nothing to slow my uncontrolled race in reverse until I found a tree or house or some other large solid object. I looked next to me at my fiancé/driving instructor. He seemed pretty calm. Obviously he didn’t have as full an understanding of our predicament as I did. Just because he’d been driving cars with these stupid clutches and shifters for decades and could stop on hills and get going again didn’t mean I could. And I was pretty sure I could prove it! I was thinking maybe I could just park the car here at the stop sign and walk home but my “teacher” said this was not an option. OK. Well even though we lived in a pretty small town it was big enough to have a hospital nearby so I was pretty sure we would survive whatever happened next…probably.

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit

The problem all came from basic addition. If you’ve ever driven a car with one of these non-user friendly shifters you know that there are 3 pedals on the floor. A clutch to be used when changing gears, a brake for stopping and a gas pedal for going. A quickå inventory of my lower limbs confirmed what I already knew, I only have two feet. We Chinese are pretty well known for being good at mathematics so it didn’t take me long at all to figure out that something wasn’t adding up. I was one foot short; and I don’t mean I have trouble finding the right length skinny jeans, which I do, but that’s another story. But what this does mean is that you have to use your two feet to operate three pedals, pretty much at the same time. I was finding this wasn’t a big problem if you were stopped in a fairly flat area but it got much more interesting if you were on a hill. I had to let up a little, BUT NOT TOO MUCH, with my left foot on the clutch. At the same time, I had to sort of keep my right foot, or at least the heel, on the brake while I reached over with my toes to start pushing on the gas pedal to keep me from AHHHH, I STALLED AGAIN! Well I was getting quite good at restarting the car at least.

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit

Let’s try it again. Let up the clutch, heel on the brake, toes on the gas, push, push, STALL! My next few words were in Chinese. I hadn’t learned those special words in English yet. Surprisingly, my future husband understood me perfectly. He must have been studying. It was only then that he reached down between our seats and pulled up on the parking brake lever. Now when I let off the brake we didn’t roll back. This allowed me to put my foot fully on the gas and let the clutch off while he lowered the parking brake and I was finally able to get through the stop sign, across the cross street and onto the flat level road on the other side. I was NOT happy. I asked my “instructor” why the heck he hadn’t showed me that parking brake trick before. He said he thought it would be better if I learned to use the pedals with only my feet and that using the hand brake was sort of “cheating”. This of course led to some more “observations” from me, all in Mandarin. Once again, he wasn’t able to translate word for word but the main theme came through loud and clear. And just to make sure we were on the same page I switched back to my poor English. If there were any trick, tip, cheat, work around or easier way to get me to a driver’s license, I wanted to know about it. When we learn to speak Mandarin there are 4 unique tones that can change the whole meaning of a word. As it turns out there is a fifth tone that a wife uses with her husband that is instantly understood. I think this is universal and not limited to Chinese. Anyway, I am pretty sure he got the message. This was enough driving for this lesson. I had yet to go onto a main street or deal with a traffic light. That would be next. I’m coming back, I hope you do too!

How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit
How to style a leather on leather trend outfit

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  • Ada

    Rocking the leather on leather trend. Such a sexy, edgy and fun outfit. You have been wearing the cutest motorcycle jackets this week. I adore those chevron tights, also.

    Enjoy your vacation and Happy Spring, Grace!

    • gliang

      Lol! Maybe you can try more different pieces! I found something just will not make me look good but some will realy flatering me. We just have to find the right one. 😉

  • Cheri

    Killer outfits the last couple of days! Hope y’all Enjoy your vacay!

    Around six months after I had my license I had enough money to get a small car with a manual transmission. My Daddy planned on teaching me … ah Nope!

    I practiced until I didn’t stall on level ground, then headed to a stop sign on a small hill. As luck would have it a car pulled up behind stall, stall … stall! Rolled the window down motioned them around after about thirty minutes of practice … letting the clutch out a little while giving it some gas I could hold it in place. The major advantage I had was being born here (no language issues) and had been driving an automatic for half a year! I can’t begin to Imagine how you managed! Proud of ya, girl! 🙂

    Wishing you and the hubby a Warm and Pleasurable time! 😉

    • gliang

      Good evening Cheri! We are having a great time in Cancun. It is so nice to just feel the warm wind on my skin. Food are too good and I may have to work on how to lose weight after I am back. 😉 Lol so happy to hear I am now the only one. 😉 Talk to you soon!

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