Spring break travel in style

Spring break travel in style!

Dear friends!

I will be on my vacation from 3/20 to 3/28. You will still see my new post everyday but I will not be able to reply to your comments during those times. I will get back to you ASAP after I am back from my vacation.

Enjoy my daily fashion updates and my driving story.

See you and have a great day!



Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style

Are you going anywhere during this Spring break? Well I am. Actually I am in Cancun now while you are reading this post. I love traveling in style. But it doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice being comfy. Remember this white hat? It is my travel hat and it has already accompanied me around the whole world. What do you wear when you are on the road?

Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style

I am certainly enjoying reading your comments about my driving story! It was a great memory for me. More to come below, enjoy!

Oh dear. OH! DEER!

Well I had finally gotten to use all 5 gears on our little car. With the manual shifter I had to choose them by myself. But then, I’ve been choosing my own clothes for years so what was one more thing? I’m in the middle of several posts about when I learned to drive after I moved to America. I hope you’ve been reading and riding along and more important, I hope you’ve been enjoying it! So I had done about as much driving as I could in my little town. My husband was my driving teacher and he agreed that for the next lessons it was time that I got out of the city. You could only learn so much at 25 miles per hour. So off we went. There was good and bad about living in our small town. There wasn’t much shopping nearby. My husband had to drive about 100 miles a day for his roundtrip commute. That’s why we had this little car with the manual shifter to begin with. Our nearest Chinese grocery store was about a 45 minute drive away. But on the plus side there wasn’t much traffic. And once you got just a short drive away from our house there was even less because you were in the countryside. If you turned onto one of the few side roads that went off of the main highway that went from our town towards Detroit you would soon find yourself in farmland. The roads here were long, straight and flat. This was exactly what I was looking for to practice!

Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style

Our part of Michigan was full of farms. You don’t really know this if all you did was drive on the freeways or the main highways from big city to big city. But going off these roads you saw a different part. I drove past houses and barns and fields and saw all kinds of animals. Cows, horses, chickens, pigs and the occasional sheep were in fenced off areas as we drove. Sometimes the road turned to dirt and gravel if we got out too far but they were still mostly smooth so it was no problem. There were very few stop signs and even fewer traffic lights and after the troubles I had with those particular items in town, I was fine with not seeing them. I was starting to relax and even enjoy driving a bit. When you’re on a long straight road without starting and stopping, having a manual shifter didn’t really mean much. Once you were moving along, you just had to keep the car pointed in the right direction. I could even begin to enjoy the view and look arou…what’s that? Something just moved in front of me. Something big! DEER!!!! BRAKE, BRAKE, BRAKE!

Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style

I remember the first time I saw some deer after I moved to America. I had never seen one in China. I guess there are some in the areas that still had forests. But where I lived was either factories or office buildings and there were no deer to be found. I thought it was so cool to see them, off in the distance as we drove. My husband had a bit less romantic opinion of them. And as it turns out so did many people here. Farmers hated them. They ate corn and other crops like they were starving. And with so much food available they bred like mice. In fact my husband referred to them as hoofed rats. And they aren’t tiny. They can weigh up to 200 pounds or more and cause a lot of damage for drivers and their cars. Every year people were actually killed in accidents when they ran into a deer or even worse, if they tried to avoid the deer and ran into something even more solid like a tree. In Michigan they really were everywhere; so many that every year a half a million people went out to hunt them! I could never understand why my husband would get so nervous when he saw a deer. But now I did. The trouble usually wasn’t with the deer you saw, but with the ones you didn’t. Deer often like to hang out together. I do too with my girlfriends. But none of my BFFs ever ran in front of a moving car! This was NOT true for these beautiful and very, very stupid animals! Sure enough, here came several more. It was amazing seeing how fast they could run and how high they could jump. By this time, I had managed to slow down enough that we were not in any danger, other than the near heart attack I was given that is. I mean, how did I ever think they were pretty to begin with? They were a danger to all us drivers! On the plus side, I didn’t stall the car! Things were looking up! Or were they? Come back to my blog to find out!

Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style
Spring break travel in style

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    They are always beautiful beside the road, but horrible in the road. Just a few weeks back we had to avoid several who thought it would be a great prank to cross one of the main roads in our town (I was in the car with my man lol, hence the we & our).

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