how to style a floral shirt with jeans

How to style a floral shirt with jeans!

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Enjoy my daily fashion updates and my driving story.

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How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

Everybody loves flowers! We love the femininity of floral prints. Just look around and you can find them this season on floaty dresses, smart suits, heels, and even suitcases. I always like to twist things up a little so today I am going to pair my floral button down shirt with a pair of jeans to form a casual but still chic look.

How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

Wondering what will happen when I was first time drove on freeway? Well you have to continue to read below:

How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

Nothing but wheels!

If you’ve been paying attention you know that I’ve been posting about my experiences while learning to drive. I had spent several hours going slow. My future husband/driving teacher and I lived in a small town with a lot of side streets. These were all pretty much limited to 25 miles per hour. After a couple weeks of this I got out to some of the nearby countryside roads and up to the crazy speed of 55 mph. But now I was pulling out of a rest area in northern Michigan onto a freeway for my first time. This meant that I needed to go 70 mph if I didn’t want to get laughed off the road. But just as I was getting up to the posted speed limit and in the lane that was ending soon I looked over to make sure I had room to move onto the freeway lane. I didn’t. There was a truck there. This isn’t nearly strong enough. There was a TRUCK there. Not just a normal truck but a Michigan truck.

How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

These massive vehicles are called semi-trucks and are commonly known as 18 wheelers. You can probably guess why. The front part where the driver sits, usually has two wheels in front for turning, and two more rows of wheels in the back. These rows have two wheels next to each other on each side for a total of 10. At the back of the huge boxy trailer is another two rows of wheels. These also have two wheels next to each other for 8 more. That’s where the 18 comes from. But in Michigan we have some special rules, and some special trucks. I think they wouldn’t be allowed in any other state but our government likes to make money. So as long as they pay their taxes they are welcome. What I saw next to me was a monster. It was nothing BUT wheels. My fiancé told me that these special trucks were only there to move gravel around. Gravel is nothing more than small rocks. Rocks of any size are heavy. Very heavy. So 18 wheels isn’t enough for these guys. And just one trailer isn’t enough either. No, this truck had two trailers full of several thousand pounds of gravel and must have had 50 wheels! And it was exactly where I wanted to be!

How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

My husband hates these trucks. He says they destroy the roads. It certainly seems true that Michigan has more than its share of potholes. These are holes in the road that like to damage your car’s tires and wheels. I’m not sure this is because of the massive trucks they allow but it sure seemed likely. Another thing my guy doesn’t like about these monsters is the damage they can do to other cars. With so many tires throwing up so many small stones and other junk from the road it’s very easy to have your car’s paint scratched or your windshield cracked. Anyway, the only thing I cared about regarding these trucks at this moment was how to not get flattened by one while I was trying to get on the same freeway it was on. Luckily for me this guy was in a hurry! I guess these drivers must be paid by the delivery because they were definitely ignoring the speed limit. It was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to move over for me so I figured I had better slow down. By this time, my merge lane was about to end but there was a pretty wide side lane called a shoulder in front of me. This was mostly there for cars that had stopped working or for those poor unfortunate people who the police had decided to pull over. I looked ahead and saw that this shoulder was clear so instead of going onto the freeway as originally planned I wound up in this special lane for broken down cars! This truck driver was blasting down the road as fast as he could and was soon far enough ahead of me that I had room to finally move over into the slow lane. All of a sudden that 40 miles to the next rest area seemed a LOT further! Come back to see just how far!

How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans
How to style a floral shirt with jeans

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  1. Love the outfit today, that shirt is awesome & you made such lovely selections to go with it 🙂 – about the driving, merging is always scary but durn that’s a massive truck you were competing with for space :O

    1. I am looking for a perfect pair of floral heels for this spring. It seems like only floral and bright colors can represent spring perfectly. 😉

    1. Lol! I wore this pair of booties to work one day and so many people told me they like them. One of my 7th graders boy came to me and ask me where I bought them because he wanted to buy them for his mom for birthday gift. 😉

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