Fashion 4 Month Anniversary 4 Month Anniversary!

Four months. One third of a year. Ten dozen posts! If we’d been dating this long we would probably have met each other’s parents by now! And by some crazy coincidence, that’s exactly how long has been around. I know I’m surprised! I had some jobs that didn’t last this long! So, what do I think? Well one thing is for sure, this can be a lot of work! I am really trying hard to post almost every day. Of course the biggest pressure comes from the person in the mirror. This is pretty common for me. I set goals and then almost immediately, I’m not satisfied when I meet them! So of course I raise them until I have no hope of ever hitting my target! I’m not sure if this is the Chinese way or just the Grace way, but it can make it difficult to be fully satisfied for very long. You know what they say; the key to happiness is low expectations!

But that’s simply not how I’m wired. I deserve better and so do you! That is the biggest thing I’m happy about for my four months of blogging. Meeting and hearing from my regular readers is instant gratification. I really feel I’ve made a connection with a lot of you out there and hope you feel the same with me. If you’ve been reading and looking you can’t help but learn a lot about me. Where I grew up, how I came to live in America and some other parts of my life. Like the ongoing story of my learning how to drive. I’ve heard from many of you who related to my experiences and got some enjoyment and entertainment from reading and riding along. And don’t worry; I know I haven’t finished the story! I’m taking a detour to talk about my recent vacation and some holiday specials but the driving lessons will continue shortly!

Sometimes I worry that I’ll run out of things to talk about. My husband assures me that, based on his experience, this won’t happen! I think that was a compliment and comment about how interesting I am. The only other way to take it would be that I talk a lot but I’m sure he didn’t mean that! I am starting to get the hang of it a bit I think. I’m tweeting, posting, blogging, replying to comments, guest posting, joining linkups and all kind of things I never even thought of 4 months and one day ago! I think the thing I wonder about most is what don’t I know? I’m not a young techno wizard and am often a bit late to the newest tech trend. I usually see the backside of the wave as it goes off into the distance. But I’m still having fun and hope you are too. That’s what’s keeping it interesting for me and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! So anyway, happy blogaversary to me! Four months and counting! I hope you can let me know how you think I’m doing too. If it wasn’t for you reading and looking and commenting I would just be talking to myself! And who needs that?
Today I’m sharing with you my look back from this last month! Again, I hope you can take the time to leave a comment and let me know your choice of hits and misses!

Here are some fashion pieces that I love at this moment, tell me which one you like the most:

Spring dress: Pretty pastels feel invigorating after months of dark winter hues. Play up your best assets with nipped-in waists, A-line skirts, and more. Or try bold prints! Eye-catching colors and patterns are instant spirit lifters. Why not try some modern shifts? Relaxed yet polished, this silhouettes as effortless as they come.


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