Fashion Chinese Take-Out what is on the covers of Chinese fashion magazines?

Welcome to a new month and the new and hopefully improved! I’m always working hard to make my blog better. A big part of that is being more and more useful to you, my wonderful readers! After all, if it weren’t for you, I would just be talking to myself. And who needs even more people thinking you’re weird? 😉 Anyway, I’m going to try a Daily Special menu.

Monday will have fresh home grown “Fashion 101″ posts. This is where I share my unique expertise to pass along color and fashion wit and wisdom. Tuesday will feature “Fashion Chinese Take-Out“. Join me as I let you know what’s going on half way around the world. Most of your clothes come from there, how about your next look? Next is “Graded by Grace” on Wednesday. You’ll see how products I use did on their report card and also some shopping suggestions that will earn you extra credit! ”Throwback Thursday” will relive and re-laugh some of my adventures and travels. The workweek wraps up on Friday with “They Got It Right!” Here I’ll share a few photos of other bloggers who “got it” with the trend topic of the week! Then to jumpstart your weekend I highlight the week that was in “Fashion Gossip” on Saturday. Hey! What about Sunday you ask? Oh knock it off! The weather is getting better and I deserve at least one day off a week! I’m looking for your input, so don’t be shy!

Fashion Chinese Take-Out
Fashion Chinese Take-Out

First off, a big shout out to all of our south of the border friends on this Cinco de Mayo! I will be enjoying some Mexican food and beverages tonight! Many people don’t even know the significance of this day. It is NOT Mexican Independence Day but only celebrates a mostly insignificant victory in a battle against France! But like most Americans agree, it’s a great reason to party so count me in!

Now back to our Chinese Take-Out. My students often ask me, “is there any Burger King restaurant in China?” The answer is YES. But the taste is different. For instance you wouldn’t find a Whopper with cheese combo meal. There are many familiar restaurants in China but they’ve been adapted to the local tastes. This is just like all those “Chinese” restaurants that are in every town in America. 😉 I can tell you from experience that 95% of the food there would be unrecognizable to anyone from China. Actually I have never heard of General Tso! These restaurants adapted. They sell American food with a Chinese twist. Luckily for me we have several authentic Chinese restaurants near our home! Otherwise I would have to cook all the time!

China was closed off to the rest of the world and didn’t reopen up until the 1980s. Before that, there really wasn’t much fashion to talk about. Individuality in any form was frowned on so pretty much everybody wore the same clothes as in the picture below:


So you can imagine what most Chinese would think when you are talking about bringing back styles from the 70s! They certainly wouldn’t think this was a high point of fashion! It just goes to show that not everyone has the same point of view or reference. I’ve mentioned in some previous posts how my co-workers sometimes are so used to me that they forget where I grew up and came from. They may say something like “remember when we were little and we would do this or that?” And for me the answer is NO, I don’t have that memory at all! Times have certainly changed and I think for the better. The world has shrunk and our experiences are now much more similar. That gives us a bit more in common than we used to have. This shows up nowhere better than in current fashion trends. Don’t believe me?

Here are some current Chinese fashion magazine covers for the May edition. What do you think? They sure don’t look all that different to me!

Chinese Bazaar

Chinese Taiwan Bazaar

Chinese ELLE

Chinese Cosmopolitan



By the way, did you notice the first cover is me? Lol! I was not on the cover of a Japanese fashion magazine. It is just an App called poster lab. 😉

Here is my new look for today. Enjoy!

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

Fashion Chinese Take-Out

What is today’s take-out tip? Well, when in doubt, wear black, white and red! 🙂

Shop my look:
Black top @old from JC Penney
Skirt @Express
Red shoes @Nordstrom Rack @Nine West
Red necklace @old from Kohl’s
Red bag @Michael Kors
Bracelets @Rocksbox @My Arm Charms


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  1. I thought that first picture was you!! Beautiful & totally cool app. I agree, there are many similarities in fashion the world over at this point in time, mostly it seems like what’s trending varies regionally. That’s no doubt true in the different regions of China as it is in the different regions of the US.

  2. Ada

    China has stepped up to fashion I see. Lovely colors especially 3 and 4 for me. I also love this outfit – those shoes are hot. I own an earlier version of the zebra midi skirt by Express. I must wear it soon. And there is a second dress on my blog, today. =)

    Happy Tuesday Grace!

  3. Thanks a lot for this beautiful and very intersting blogpost dear Grace! Chinese women are SO gorgeous!! I love their hair and the heavenly beautiful skin and their filigree body figure. Very lovely 🙂
    You today look is great! Love the skirt, the pattern is very nice. but also the sandals! Both thumbs up!!

    enjoy your week dear friend
    hope to see you soon

  4. The fashion industry in China has gone a long way. I’d love to see more designers come from there. I think once they get over the fact that design/art is somehow “below” math/science the Chinese will surprise us with their talent.

    Oh…Black, white and red is one of my favorite fashion combinations to wear, too!

    Btw, is your last name Liang? That was my maiden name! I almost never meet people whose last name is Liang…very cool. 😉


    1. I totally agree with you! I will introduce more Chinese designers later. There are a lot of things Chinese can offer. 😉 And yes, my last name is Liang. 🙂 Very happy to meet you here Jen!

  5. Lovely magazine covers and neat history. Your skirt is beautiful! I hope you have been doing well, sorry I haven’t been by lately. I read your firmoo review and loved it, the glasses were so cute on you and I like your themes for each day too. Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

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