Fashion Chinese Take-Out what modern China offers to world fashion #1

Fashion Chinese Take-Out what modern China offers to world fashion #1 Daily Special menu.

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all black outfit
all black outfit

If you read my previous Fashion Chinese Take-Out post last Tuesday here, you may have already gotten some idea of how much Chinese traditional culture has offered to world fashion. But sadly, until very recently, modern China has not been an active part of the world. There is no original world famous brand from China, there is no widely know fashion icon, or even fashion magazine. China is pretty behind in this creative fashion world. It seems strange to a lot of people including myself. I mean they’ve got the most people and the largest economy, you’d think they would be naturals for leading the fashion world. By far, most of the designer items you drool over are manufactured there. And it’s not that they aren’t interested either. With the booming economy comes lots of disposable income and this has helped China to become the biggest luxury market in the world.

So China certainly has the means, the market and the skill. But it just seems that it doesn’t have the drive. It is simply not sure what it wants to do.

There are exceptions of course. In the last few years, some Chinese brands attracted the world’s attention. And that attention surprised most of the Chinese since they have been looking outside of their own country and loving the western brands so much.

Here is one of the examples:

Feiyue Sport Shoes!

Feiyue is a sneaker brand originally produced in Shanghai, China, in the 1920s. But it barely survived and became a cheap shoe brand for the lower income customers in China. It only cost about 2 dollars in China to purchase a pair of them. Since 2006, Feiyue is also a French owned company, separate from the original Chinese company. Now if you would like to buy a pair, you need to pay at least $60.

Here is the look of the original Feiyue.

Feiyue_White original
Feiyue_White original

Here are a few celebrity examples who adore Feiyue.


I had a few pair of these classics when I was in my elementary and middle school. Back then, the fashion was to keep your shoes bright, crisp white. Kids in China aren’t all that different from kids anywhere so you can imagine how hard that was with all the running, jumping, ball kicking and other general abuse kid’s shoes go through. But we had a few tricks of our own! During break time you would see a lot of kids use chalk to cover up any yellow or dusty spots on their Feiyues! Even at a young age we knew how important your accessories can be!

Here are my new looks for today! Have a great day! 🙂

all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit
all black outfit

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