What is American style in Chinese eyes?

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pink fringe bag
pink fringe bag

What is American fashion style? Can you give us a clear answer? You may say America was born by variety so American style is not just one style, it is a mixture of all styles from all over the world. Have you ever wondered what American style is in a foreigners eyes?

I came across this amazing video called 100 Years Of Fashion In Under Two Minutes from It is the perfect data for American fashion history.

Personally I am a big fan of styles from the 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s and 70s. But keep it in mind, China only opened it’s doors to the world in the early 80s. Chinese were confused, shocked and then crazy in love with those 80s signatures, big hair, big jewelry, big color, and bright makeup! Do you still remember that bright blue eye shadow? Anyway, the point is that American style means a whole lot different depending on if it’s being looked at through yours or Chinese eyes.

Travle in style
Travle in style

How much do you think you know China? Or any other countries? How did you know them? Did you personally travel to those countries or maybe just heard something from your friends or co-worker. Or maybe you read something in the newspaper or watched a show on TV or saw somewhere in a movie. Well, it is still very hard for Chinese to easily travel to America due to both government’s policies, so Chinese got most of their info about America through those Movies, TV shows and pop songs.

Travel  in style
Travel in style

Then what exactly is American style in Chinese eyes?

1. Sexy:
It is all on Madonna! For Chinese, American style means a big bust, deep cleavage and showing a lot of skin. Even in 2015, there are still a lot of places in China that are quite conservative, so much that even short sleeves and shorts will make them feel uncomfortable. I still saw young girls wear nude tights during the summer with a dress and sandals last year when I was back visiting China. They would rather be uncomfortable with thick hot tights than bare their legs. Imagine the first time when Chinese saw Madonna. Lol!

Travel  in style
Travel in style

2. Strange, or maybe the more accurate term FREE STYLE
In Chinese eyes, Americans will wear anything and everything. A potato sack looking dress, a shirt with swear words, a Zombie’s makeup look or painters jeans. Well, we have to give credit to all that creativity!

Travel  in style
Travel in style

3. Minimalism
Now that there are more and more Americans who travel, work or live in China, the Chinese started to see the real American style. A lot of Chinese are amazed how Americans can look so good just in jeans and Tees. Lol! Probably, Americans are the most welcomed foreigners in China due to their friendly attitude, big smile (with very white teeth), easygoing manner, clean style and very fresh smell.

Travel  in style
Travel in style

Well now it’s your turn! What is Chinese style in your eyes? Please leave your comments below. Don’t forget come back this Wednesday for Color and Grace Fashion Link up! Have a great day!:)

Travel  in style
Travel in style
Travel  in style
Travel in style
Travel  in style
Travel in style

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