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White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

For the past few Saturdays we have talked about fashion bloggers and blogging quite a bit. I received a lot of comments or requests about those topics, so today we are going to continue with another of my two cents. 😉

If you would like to catch up, below are the previous posts relating to this topic. And yes, there WILL be a quiz! Hey, I’m also a teacher and just can’t help myself! (^_^)

Do you have it to be a fashion blogger?

Do you have it to be a Good fashion blogger?

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

So, let’s get some basics. How long have you been blogging? If you are new to this then you will need plenty of support! How do you view your fashion blog; is it your hobby or your career? How can you tell? Good question! And I have an equally good answer. If your blog is just your hobby (or most people will refer to it as their creative outlet about fashion), you spend money on it. You can make blogging cheaper for yourself by looking into promos for bluehost india as you will need some form of web hosting. If your blog is your job, then it will make money for you. Do you have a short term and long term plan? What do you want in a year; or 3 years; or 5 years?

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

While I was doing all this thinking it lead to one question, what is the future of fashion blogging? If 5 years ago you asked this question, probably nobody could tell you. But after those years of development, this new thing is becoming more and more a common thing. There are quite a lot of people in the fashion world who predicted that fashion blogging would be a short lived fad. But from what I see, it is not only growing but it’s getting more and more professional. And it’s being taken pretty seriously by the industry. So I think that while it is not dying, it maybe will be very different than you thought.

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

What exactly does the future hold for us?

Ok. Well, first I hate to break many people’s big dream of big money, but if you are thinking someday you will be like those very successful fashion bloggers nowadays who make millions of dollars a year, you probably will be very disappointed. Fashion blogging is a bit like the Gold Rush from American history. The first few years had many magical stories about somebody “striking it rich” in a very short time. In fact that term came from the Gold Rush. But after everybody with a computer jumped into this industry, those glory days ended due to too much strong competition. We are sill facing a similar situation now and it will be very difficult for somebody to repeat those early “overnight successes”.

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

But the good news is, fashion blogging has actually become an industry. That means there is a market for fashion bloggers to make a living from by way of your posts! Fashion bloggers will be just like any of the other freelance jobs out there. You will need to find customers (brands) to work with or (hopefully) the brands find your blog and offer to work with you. In the future, fashion bloggers will be separated into three main categories. One, the hobby bloggers who are just simply infatuated with fashion and having fun by showing off their outfits. Two, the semi-professional bloggers, who have already developed some fan base and are working with all kinds of small or new companies. This group of bloggers are taking it way more seriously and are on their way to the professional level. They will receive quite a bit of free samples or maybe some paid posts, but it will be pretty hard to make a living with their blog alone. Finally, the professional bloggers. These people work their blog fulltime and are often acting like a marketing firm. They may have some advanced or fashion industry insider knowledge as well as stratigies and skills to help brands reach their target customers. Those bloggers are not just influencers, but also innovators and shapers of this new industry. And those relatively few professional bloggers will make a comfortable living out of fashion blogging. Just like any small business, it may be a big company in the future as well. But it will usually take several years to grow into even being able to just make a living.

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

There are already more and more companies who solely depend on fashion bloggers to promote for them. Working with fashion bloggers will become one of the major paths to marketing fashion products in the future. The next generation is already living in a digital age so it’s become very natural way to fit into their shopping and searching habits. The advantage of utilizing a fashion blogger over more traditional marketing is gaining access to the connections they have with their fans. These strong relationships are more appealing than a TV commercial. For this industry to fully grow, there will be research/analysis companies that jump in to evaluate the promoting results and fashion bloggers agencies to help consult with bloggers to get a better outcome.

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

You see, our future is still looking good if you have the patience and also don’t mind working hard. Are you ready to be one of us pioneers who are helping form this new industry? Grab your pick and shovel, I mean designer bag and heels and dig in! 😉

Ok. Enough serious talk. Below are more photos for today. Wow, speaking of still looking good! Enjoy and have a great weekend!:)

White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat
White dress with teal trench coat

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