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My recent favorite —The Peach Box Jewelry

My recent favorite —The Peach Box Jewelry

The Peach Box is an Australian jewelry company that offers great fashion pieces that are currently trending everywhere. I mean literally everywhere on the internet. I have seen many of my fellow blogger friends who were showing off their new finds and I have to say, I love these minimalistic and dainty pieces!

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

So I got my hands on some items from the The Peach Box. I got 2 pieces from their new collection which includes the Gold Metallic T Bar Bangle – My ultimate fave. I love pairing it with another one I got from them, my Rose Gold Crystal – Rose Gold Mesh Watch as seen above. I get tons of compliments all the time because it looks a lot like the Tiffany bracelet with a twist. 😉

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

The Peach Box is the ultimate fashion jewelry destination for girls who love chic, modern and edgy! It sounds kinda like me, right? 😉 That is why I have worn this arm bling pretty much nonstop. I am wearing it right now while I am typing this post. No, really, here, look! And in this post you can see I accessorized them with many different outfits, from formal to casual, and they all look perfectly put together. I love my beautiful watch and this timepiece features a polished Rose Gold finish with crystal markers for an elegant and sophisticated feminine look. Which just happens to be the style that I always love. Now I combined this watch with a Gold Stainless Steel T Bar Bracelet, these two pieces make for a subtle but brilliant statement!

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

I have to say their jewelry is beautiful, modern, and great quality without breaking your bank. The transitional season can be very dangerous on your budget and it is so easy to over spend on all the trends. So just stick with these classic pieces at The Peach Box and you will be all covered. They have pieces you can easily mix and stack with jewelry you already own to create new looks. Lately I’ve been enjoying the look of mixed metals. Silver with yellow gold, rose gold with yellow gold, or all three together. Try mixing up some of your pieces and you may just notice how it brings out different vibes in your outfits. Those two pieces I got certainly became my recent go to building blocks.

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

Keep in mind that they don’t offer millions of styles and they only sell the best ones. Which makes it so easy for me to decide. You know I hate to go through 20+ pages to make sure I didn’t skip the best one. 😉 Their jewelry pieces also sell out quickly, but occasionally come back in stock. So just keep checking as it may just be available later.

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

Now today is your lucky day because when you use “colorandgrace” at your checkout it gives you an extra 15% off. It’s valid till the end of September. Good luck with your shopping! 🙂

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

My recent favorite ---The Peach Box Jewelry  at

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