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2016 fall trends from catwalk to sidewalk

2016 fall trends from catwalk to sidewalk

I bet you have seen many new fashion trends for the 2016 fall and winter seasons from the fashion magazines or on TV. And you may say, nah, those trends are so weird or over the top and I can’t wear it in my real life. That is so true for most of us who have a day job and a family to run. So below I summarized a few of the trends which overall are wearable for most of us. And remember, trends come and go, you don’t have to buy all new pieces to accommodate a new season. Just digging out your favorite collections from the past and earlier this year may be a great way to stay trendy and do it with a hot new look!

1. Leopard prints:

If you ask what is the trend that is always there and always hot for fall and winter? The answer is LEOPARD PRINTS! These timeless and colorful animal patterns can be everywhere and on everything!

A cashmere sweater:

Lord & Taylor leopard cashmere cardigan+Loft black lace top+ Free People black lace skirt+ Black boots+ Michael Kors red clutch

A bag:
all street style black leather studded jacket+joe's ripped jeans+DV black booties+Leopard print bag

A jacket:
Petite fashion winter street style leopard short coat+ Ever Pretty blue dress+ LV red bag+ Jessica Simpson plaid pumps

2. Wear Leather:

You can wear a leather coat, leather leggings, leather skirt or just a simple and bad to the bone leather motor jacket. This is another one that always holds its spot on the list year after year.

A leather jacket (Black or colored):

Michigan Detroit over 40s petite fashion blog/blogger 2016 spring fashion trends motor jacket with floral dress black motor studded leather jacket + burgundy floral shift dress + burgundy booties + black Zac Posen bag

Fall street style MK Burgundy leather jacket+ Ralph Lauren floral top + fringe skirt+burgundy pumps

A leather skirt:

MLE empower tee + black sheer long vest+ Chelsea 28 Olivia Palermo brown leather skirt + Toms tan open toe booties+ red LV bag+ tIe bow

2016 petite spring fashion street casual cool girl style lookbook Store grey studded jacket + lookbook store black lace-up bodysuit + Banana Republic leather skirt + Aldo black cutoff lace-up heels+ Ray Ban sunglasses + Red Louis Vuitton bag

3. Fall Florals or prints

Fall florals or prints are rich and feature earthy tones. I often am reminded of some of the tapestries I saw when I was in Europe a few years ago with my husband. The heavier fabrics and prints of the season almost tell a story. And the storyline is fashion!

A bow tie blouse:

Loft heart print bow tie neck blouse+ blush midi skirt+Nine West nude pump+nude bag+Chloe sunglasses

A long sleeved shift dress:

Forever 21 Burgundy felt hat+burgundy floral prints shift dress+Zac Posen black bag+Soft black booties

A midi skirt
Black Label white crop top+Lucy&Co. midi skirt+Deux Lux blue bag+ Chinese Laundry blue pumps+ESQ cold tone watch+blue statement necklace

4. Wear Burgundy Color as an accessory

This rich deep color comes straight out of nature and into your wardrobe. When the leaves change to red, yellow, orange and burgundy it means you should too. Adding splashes of this royal hue to your outfit is an easy way to “fall” right into line with the season. Ha! See what I did there?

A hat:
Forever 21 Burgundy felt hat+burgundy floral prints shift dress+Zac Posen black bag+Soft black booties

A pair of booties:
2016 spring casual fashion petite street style White jacket+ Express striped shirt + black faux leather leggings + Nine West burgundy booties + red Louis Vuitton bag

5. Wear a sweater dress, instead of a sweater:

I own several of these pieces. They are true fashion multi-taskers. They flatter your figure while they keep you warm when the cold breezes blow. And they come in the fall color palette and feature traditional patterns. These busy dresses belong in anyone’s wardrobe that lives in a four season location.

Express red sweater shift dress+Nine west nude pumps+Zac Posen black bag+Coach sunglasses

What to wear on Valentine's Day---A poncho dress

6. Use fur, but as an accessory:

A small but tasteful splash of fur adds that just right touch of seasonal fashion. Available in all the colors of the rainbow it’s also a fairly cost effective way to up your game with a designer label thrown in the mix.

A playful fur bag charm:

Michigan petite fashion 2016 spring style blog/blogger L.k. Bennett blue cashmere coat+ lookbook store black lace open back romper+ LV red bag + Nine West red cutoff heels+ peal chocker

An elegant fur wrap:

fall street style Fur sweater wrap+ Wine prints midi skirt+ black booties

Luxury ear muffs:

Petite fashion winter street style Queen Fitzgerald fur jeweled earmuffs review by Grace Liang of color and grace

A fur scarf but with a new way to use:

The normal way but with a colorful fun twist.

petite fashion street style NYFW16 ELIE TAHARI black wool vest coat + Nordstrom collection black cashmere long cardigan + Lord& Taylor purple cashmere sweater+ purple fur scarf+ joe's jeans+ crown vintage booties + Louis Vuitton lock me red bag+ queen fitzgerald fur ear muffs

A more unique way to use a fur scarf as a layering piece.

Guess white faux fur wrap+Free People black lace skirt+ Joe's jeans+ Nine West red booties+ Michael Kors red clutch

7. Wear booties, and not boots:

This is the time of year to take advantage of the weather. It’s cool enough to finally wear those cute booties you scored at that last mega sale. Back in the summer flip flop heat your feet would have baked in them. And you’re still a few months away from fighting your way though snow drifts to get to your car.

A classy and timeless pair of black booties:

Fall street style black vest+purple top+black skirt+leopard bag

Some wild animal print booties:

Anne Klein stripped jacket+Stella & Jamie black shift dress+BP snake skin booties + Michael Kors red bag+ Khloe Sunglasses+Movado watch

How to style a jean jacket

Edgy cool girl vibe booties:

Petite street style black duster+ cat prints sweater +black faux leather pencil skirt+ leopard fur heels+ Tignanello bag

A pair of goes with everything brown booties:

Fall street sytle nBrown felt hat+brown striped wrap+brown faux leather skirt+brown booties

Did you see my point? You don’t have to buy all new pieces to catch the trends of this year. Most of the new trends are usually just a new way to use an old piece. Now go to your closet to see if there’s anything that you can wear again for this fall, but in a new way. If so, you just won the trend game! 🙂

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