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Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklacee

I have had an eye on personalized jewelry for quite a while. Especially those name and monogram necklaces. I bet you have seen them everywhere too.

Personalize my jewelry with Onecklace

I already have two statement letter/words necklaces. One is FUN, and the other is ME. Every time when I wear them, they become a conversation piece. But this year I am more into more petite sized jewelry. So when I saw those delicate cute necklaces on Onecklace, I had to give it a try!

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

The plan was to get two different length necklace chains so I can layer them. But the problem is what words do I like? This is always the primary decision to make when getting a name necklace, but it’s a good problem to have! My name GRACE is fine and an easy choice, but what about the other one? My blog is Color and Grace, so I thought about using those two key words. But it seems that the world is pretty sensitive lately and I am afraid I will be involved in a racial debate when all I am saying is I like colorful clothes! 😉

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

What about ELEGANT, or CLASSY? Those words are good, just somehow not good enough for me. My dear husband suddenly said: “What about FIERCE?” I heard this word before and people have used this word to describe me and my style. My understanding about this word is “Not afraid of anything”. But I was not really sure. So I had to ask my English teacher/husband what it exactly means. He said:”strong, never give up” Ahh, that does sound like me!

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

So here we are, me with my personalized FIERCE GRACE necklaces. And I just love them so much!
The shorter one is 24K Gold Plated Swarovski Alegro Name Necklace, I picked my birth stone and for the chain length I chose 16 inches. The longer one is 24K Gold Plated Swarovski with Middle Heart Name Necklace. I picked the same birth stone but I chose an 18 inch chain to create the layering I wanted.

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

For some of you who are not familiar with Onecklace, it is an international jewelry manufacturer, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces. They don’t just have beautiful silver or Gold necklaces, they also offer personalized rings, bracelets and earrings.

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace

These highly personalized jewelry pieces can be such a unique gift for this holiday season. You are welcome for the great idea! 😉 Don’t forget to show us your personalized jewelry!

Holiday gift idea Personalized jewelry with Onecklace


All videos and photos if not credited otherwise, are by Robert Buck and Grace Liang.

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