What my husband’s cancer taught me

What my husband’s cancer taught me

It has been about a year since my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We are still in the deep battle and the doctor is running out of solutions.

What my husband’s cancer taught me

Cancer is the awakening point for everybody. And below are what my husband’s cancer taught me.

What my husband’s cancer taught me

1. Cancer is not just a deadly life crash, it is also an eye opening opportunity.

Don’t just focus on the sad process, think about the new changes it has brought to us, and to the people we love. Because my husband can’t eat any meat, it forces us to become vegetarian. I was surprised to notice that I am losing weight without trying. And our family members are eating more healthy too. Also, everybody is keeping up with regular checkups with their doctors.

What my husband’s cancer taught me

2. Crying is not because you are too weak, it is because you have been brave too long.

My harsh childhood and tough early years made me a tough woman, which means I have trouble to cry. Because I believe crying is the sign of weakness. But now I know, every few weeks, I need to cry, sometimes even in public, to let the stress out so I can move on.

What my husband’s cancer taught me

3. Share your story

I tried to keep this cancer news secret for a long time. Until 3 months ago I finally decided to let others outside the family know. My husband said it may help others who are in the same or similar situation. We were surprised to realize, it is not just for helping others, somehow it helped us too. It feels so much easier when everybody in our life knows what we are facing and how they can help.

What my husband’s cancer taught me

4. Spend time together and life will still be there.

I finally made my mind to take a short term leave from my job so I can focus on taking care of my husband. And yes, if I am not sure if we will have a tomorrow, literally, I don’t want to miss every minute we can be together today. Job, career, dream, they all can wait and will be there in the future, but at this moment, nothing is more important than my man. So, as of this week, I decided to only post 2 times per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. If I have to cut down on those later, I will do that too. But I will plan to keep Instagram going so make sure to follow me and catch up with what is happening. Thanks so much for all your constant support and understanding. It means so much to me and my family!

What my husband’s cancer taught me

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