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Book Report – ‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song #1

Book Report – ‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song #1

For my 3rd year blogging, I decided to read more books to learn and motivate myself. The first book I am reading is Capture Your Style by Aimee Song from

Book Report Capture Your Style by Amiee Song #1

If you are in the fashion blogging world, you probably heard of her before. Maybe you already follow her on her Instagram.

Book Report Capture Your Style by Amiee Song #1

This book is one of the New York Times Bestsellers and it is the very first how-to Instagram guide. In this book, Aimee Song breaks down the essentials to taking gorgeous photos and building your brand and following. Sounds amazing, right?

Book Report - 'Capture Your Style' by Amiee Song #1

So far, I am only at the very beginning of the book. I will have a few more book report posts in the future, so stop by later to read more. Anyway, here are some notes I have taken.

1. Post more frequently.

I believe you have heard this from many people. I post 2-3 times per day. Aimee Song posts 4-5 times per day. Every day she has at least 10 Instagram stories too. If you follow her on her Snapchat, then you should know she posts a lot there too. When you are building your brand, you don’t just want to post the most beautiful pictures. You need to let your followers get to know you as a person as well. Doing this can create deeper and longer bonds between you and others. So post more and show some of your real life. I am not good at it, but now I am trying to at least post once a day on my Instagram story.

Book Report Capture Your Style by Amiee Song #1

2. Build connections with others.

The chances are we are not the most beautiful person in the world and our Instagram feeds are not the most eye catching either, but that shouldn’t stop you getting many loyal followers. They may be attracted by your beautiful photos first, but what makes them keep coming back is who you are as a human being. It will be difficult if you have thousands of comments to reply to everyday. At the very least, you can reply to some of the most sincere comments. I don’t leave a lot of comments due to my super busy schedule. But if I do, it will not just be the standard “So cute!” “Love it”. I may only have time to respond to 5-10 people a day but I will give my best comments to those posts that speak to me.

Book Report Capture Your Style by Amiee Song #1

3. Re-learn how to use your phone camera.

Aimee Song suggests just using your cell photo to take photos and post on Instagram. I have always used my camera. Honestly, I never even knew my iPhone had so many functions before! For example, use the Autofocus & Focus Lock when you are taking photos of a moving subject. This will be ideal when I take photos of models when they are walking down the runway to make sure they don’t come out blurry. Another awesome feature is the Exposure adjust. I never knew that I can simply swipe on my screen to make it brighter when I take a photo.

That is all for today. Come back later for more updates. šŸ™‚

Book Report Capture Your Style by Amiee Song #1

Photo credits: Ashley Buck.

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