Be Bold, Be You – Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, let’s use our own actions to support this cause by wearing wooden sunglasses.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

My Desert Rose from Winkwood has gotten so much attention and quickly becomes a conversation starter.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

I love a pair of good wooden sunglasses because they balance beauty, function and the environment. Besides being a natural resource, they are also very stylish. What is very cool is that each pair, even though they are the same style and wood, will always look different due to the grain of the wood. No two are exactly alike. They are unique, just like us.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

My Desert Rose sunglasses are carved from a durable redwood with a sandy white finish with a pink/orange hybrid UV-400 lens. The frame provides me with the maximum protection from the sun. I really love the carved wooden storage box too! Doesn’t it look like a piece of art?

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

I love seeing the makers of sunglasses take pride in their workmanship by creating art pieces as opposed to mass-produced plastic and metal frames. You can obviously see the craftsmanship in every single detail.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

Now, let’s talk about the function of my sunglasses. Winkwood uses a number of different material types that are resistant to standard wear and tear, and maintains their colors longer than most materials in the market. All of their lenses are tested to reflect or filter out 99% of UVA and UVB light, with wavelengths up to 400 nanometres (UV400). You know what the best part about their wooden sunglasses is? They float in water if you accidentally drop them. Now you don’t need to worry about losing your favorite pair of sunglasses when you are doing any water related activities.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

Winkwood is a Melbourne brand that loves to play with color, design and the unusual. They are very passionate about making cool products that each have a unique personality of their own. You can check out their website here to see more collections. To be honest with you, I had a hard time picking mine because they are all so cute!;)

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

Be bold, be you, and wear the unique handmade sunglasses from Winkwood.

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwood

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