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Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

Love Who You Are – Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

You may think I am a confident and pretty woman. But in fact, I have struggled my whole entire life to become really comfortable in my own skin.

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

Everybody knows how much damage a dark childhood can cause. My mom never liked me because I am not a boy and I didn’t know how to surrender to the unfair treatment. I had gotten beat up many times because I refused to say sorry to her when she treated me like dirt. My brother got more and better food than I did. He could buy just about everything, but I could only can wear his hand-me-down clothes. My mom often looked at me and said I am so ugly. She yelled me to stop singing because it was horrible…..

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

Although I have worked super hard to accomplish so much in my life, I still doubt myself a lot of times. Even now, I still have moments where I think I am not capable of something or look ugly. My husband was my biggest supporter and showed me what unconditional love was. But now, he passed away and I have to learn to deal with this by myself.

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

I have been thinking for a long time. Now it is the time for me to detach myself from my childhood damage. Those damages may never be fully repaired, but I can find a way to live with it peacefully. I also need to stop relying on others to tell me how amazing I am. I need to learn how to love and accept myself as I am.

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

So who am I? I am just a hard working woman who wants to be safe and happy. Sometimes I may be sensitive, sometimes I may be silly, and sometimes I like to keep everything inside, but I always like to use my clothes to speak for me. Just like the Belldini lace bomber jackets I am wearing in this post.

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

What do you think I want to express about myself in this Amazing Lace Bomber Jacket ?

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

For me, it is showing my feminine part, but the feather top and mirrored sunglasses also tell you I am a fun person to be around if I feel comfortable with you. 😉

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

What about this Long Sleeve White Lace Bomber with Matching Tank?

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

I want to tell you that I am capable and I can handle everything gracefully. 😉

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

Ok, enough about me. Let’s focus on the cute lace bomber jackets. What I love about them is of course the good quality. After I turned 40, quality became the No.1 factor for my wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how cute a piece of clothing is, if the quality is bad, I will never buy it. I need something I know I can count on in a rushed morning or when I have an important meeting.

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

The second thing I like about the jackets is that they go with everything. You can add your personal touch and totally come up very different looks than I did.

So now, let’s all learn how to “Love who you are and Sparkle and Shine in Belldini”

Be Bold Be You Unique Sunglasses by Winkwook

Photo credits: Ashley Buck.

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  • Shelbee on the Edge

    Grace, you really are an amazing, strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman! And you have definitely proven that to anyone who may have ever doubted you! I had a spouse many years ago who often told me how unworthy I was (and other awful things) and it took me years to silence all the negative self-talk that resulted from that relationship. So I cannot even imagine the struggle you have had to silence all the negativity that stemmed from childhood. Keep on doing what you do in your own fabulous way!


  • Ramonne

    It made me cry! I love you! You are such an inspiration to me! Almost feel you! I am the second daughter and I know how it feels. At 16 I bought my first pair of jeans and stopped wearing my sister’s!

  • mahryska

    such beautiful lace pieces!!
    and hun, you are beautiful…the past is the past. let us teach ourselves to move on and better ourselves from the experiences. they say our pain molds us into who we are, but so does the good things and well, i think you did an amazing job in accepting who you are! a beautiful and wonderful woman.
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

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