Winter to Spring Transitioning Comfortably with ANIA Booties

It depends on where you live. For some, it is Spring already, but for us Michiganders, we are still in between Winter and Spring. Winter fights back quite often and it just doesn’t want to leave us alone.

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

This Wednesday will be my 10th year of living in the U.S. I noticed my body has totally gotten used to the cold weather in Michigan. For me now, as long as it is above 50 degrees, I can show some skin and will not feel cold. What about you? What is your tolerance for cold temperature?

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

One way to show some skin in the winter is to wear booties. They are the most common way for me to transition from Winter to Spring. Even with the same jeans I have worn for the whole winter, the booties instantly make me look like I’m spring ready.

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

I am a very picky shopper when it comes to shoe shopping. I am a full time teacher so I am on my feet more than 10 hours a day. As you can imagine, one of the most important things I look for is the comfort level of a pair of shoes. I love these ANIA booties from Nicole Shoes because I can wear them for a whole day at work, or for a full day shopping trip. 😉

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

The color can go with just about everything. As you can see in this post, I have worn them with many different outfits. ANIA are comfortable, open-toe, heeled booties with texture blocking and an outside tassel zipper. The style is very simple and you can dress them up or down. Check out these outfits, where I paired them with skirts, jeans, and even white pants.

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

Love who you are Sparkle and Shine in Belldini

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

As you can see, these booties make a great transition shoes and are versatile enough to style all year round with any outfit. Not a fun of this color? For this style, you have 3 more colors to pick from. Need more reasons to consider this pair of booties? They are leather so my feet can breathe even in the hot summer days. 😉

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

Like my cute and comfy booties? Now you can use coupon code “colorandgrace” to take 20% off in any color of Ania booties at The code expires on 4/30/2017 so hurry up. Happy shopping guys!:)

Winter to Spring transitioning comfortably with ANIA booties

All videos and photos, if not credited otherwise, are by Ashley Buck and Grace Liang.

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  1. I will finally say, you are so right about the open toed booties. I am a late believer. I finally bought a pair on clearance, and they are man made materials, which I don’t usually purchase. But I just wasn’t ready to make a leap for leather. I’ve worn them a few times, like them and find that folks notice and complementing me on them-who knew? If I get a second pair they will be leather.

  2. Love those booties! Especially matched with your cognac bag. I have some similar ones that I have been wanting to style with ALL the spring tops lately. Seeing as we had snow yesterday I don’t think I’ll get to wear them this week 🙁

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