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WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

Hi guys! I am back from Paris in one piece and with many great memories!;) I was really worried before the trip because it was my first international solo trip. I know zero French and my English is not the best either. There is nobody I know in Paris and I didn’t have any company for the trip.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

It turned out to be one of my favorite vacations because I got so much help from my convenient internet access. On my phone I have several apps that are definitely my heroes when it came to the success of this trip. I used iTranslate to talk to people who knew limited English. I used Google Maps to guide me when I was walking around the city to help me find shops and go sightseeing. I even used Google Maps to correct a not-so-honest taxi driver in Paris. I used Yelp to find the best restaurants to try yummy French food. I used the Weather Channel App to decide what to wear and if I needed to bring the umbrella. I used Orbits to book and organize all my trips and tours. Of course, I posted millions of Instagram stories too.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

Before I went to Paris, I stopped by my local AT&T store to ask about their international travel data plans. After they heard how many apps I needed to use, and especially looking at the huge GPS usage on my phone, they suggested I look into other options because their plan is good for the travelers who use very limited data daily. They considered me a heavy data user. Go figure. šŸ˜‰ If I chose one of their plans, I would likely have to pay A LOT of overage fees.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

Therefore, I turned to a personal hotspot rental service for help. With the unlimited data I had with my two global hotspots from Telecom Square, I was literally online 24/7. The retail fee starts from $6.99 per day and it is cheaper than using a roaming plan from a US carrier.

Below is what the devices look like. I received this bag two days before my trip. I put my iPhone 7 plus next to it so you can get an idea of the size.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

This photo below shows what the two hotspot routers look like. The white one is the 4G router, the operating time is 6 hours and charge time is 4 hours. I can even connect 10 devices to this one router. The other one is the 3G router, the operating time is 8 hours and charge time is 4 hours as well. This one can connect up to 5 devices.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

Here is what I like about Telecom Square Global Hotspot:

1. Unlimited data: I could do everything online just like I was at home. I have met a lot of new friends who use their phones cellular international plan. They snapped a lot of photos, but would have to wait till they got back to the hotel to post because they worried it would use too much data. They were so envious of me doing live Instagram stories or going on Facebook Live.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

2. World wide coverage: Telecom Square’s Global Hotspot service delivers a wireless data connection in many countries around the world. It is available in 96 countries including the USA.

3. Customer service is available 24 hours a day: I didn’t need this service but it always makes me feel safe if something happens to know that I can get help right away.

4. Easy to order and return: After you sign up for a hot-spot rental, Telecom Square overnights you the device just before your departure date. Then, after you use it on your trip and return home, you send it back to the company in an prepaid envelope.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

Below are the things I wish Telecom Square Global Hotspot could offer:

1. Downsizing: I have no knowledge about technology so I may be making a very unreasonable request, but I would love it if this router could lose a lot of weight. Since I was out about for whole day I had to carry both of the routers. For safety, I also carried the charger just in case both of them died. Consequently my bag was quite heavy since it also contained my camera, extra batteries for the camera, umbrella, etc… Don’t forget I was walking for hours with all of these in my bag and I felt it. If it was as small as a watch, a ring or a bracelet, that will be perfect. If they could look like fashion accessories then it would be even better. šŸ˜‰ Sorry, I am quite greedy.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

2. Longer battery life: I am being ridiculous again, but it would be so easy to use if the battery could last for more than 12 hours.

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

The bottom line is Telecom Square’s Global Hotspot is a dependable and convenient way to access the Internet while traveling. I have to say, without the access of internet my trip in Paris would have been so much harder. I definitely will use them again for my next international trip.

If you’re looking for an ISP in Australia that offers unlimited data at affordable prices, consider the plans available at

WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

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