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Unique Wedding Gifts From

Unique Wedding Gifts From

I have received many questions about what to wear to weddings and where to find unique wedding gifts. Below are my ideas on what to wear and what to give for different types of weddings.

1. Religious Ceremony: Since it is held in a church, the best look is to wear a dress that is not too revealing and more conservative. I know in some churches they request the clothes that do not show the shoulders or knees. 😉

What to wear: A long sleeve dress

Fall dresses from Michigan Detroit over 40s petite fashion style blog blogger ruffle red shift dress + black tie choker + black Via Spiga pumps + Karl Lagerfeld graphic clutch

What to give: One Heart Candle Holder

Unique Wedding Gifts From

2. Civil Ceremony: A civil ceremony wedding is typically held in a courthouse, city hall or judges’ chambers and is officiated by a Justice of the Peace, a judge or a mayor. The secular ceremony is brief, with simple vows and just a handful of guests. A simple or elaborate reception can follow the ceremony, so you don’t have to overdress for this type of wedding.

What to wear: A slightly dressy dress or skirt.

purple top with blush leather skirt

What to give: Intersection of Love – Photo Print Commemorate the moment the paths of the couple first crossed and look forward to walking down the same road together. Featuring the couples names and the important dates they share.

Unique Wedding Gifts From

3. Formal Wedding:

What to wear: A formal dress.

IYECHO Sleeveless Laser Cut Out Layered Dress From Michigan Detroit petite over 40s fashion blog/blogger Chloe white sunglasses + IYECHO Sleeveless Laser Cut Out Layered Dress + Blush Ivanka Trump laser cut out clutch + nude Nine West pump + the Peach box gold T bar bangle

What to give: Personalized Cutting Board

Unique Wedding Gifts From

4. Back Yard Wedding:

What to wear: A floral dress.

blue floral maxi dress-nude heels-red bag

What to give: Personalized Family Member Signpost Keep the family together on this warmly weathered sign, featuring the couple’s family distance from each other.

Unique Wedding Gifts From

5. Beach Wedding:

What to wear: A flowy dress.

Spring break Cancun tips—what to pack for a one week beach all inclusive vacation

What to give: Wine & Beverage Dispensing Tote Bring happy hour to go with this fashionable tote, offering an insulated bag and spout for easy serving.

Unique Wedding Gifts From

6. Cruise Wedding:

What to wear: A sequined dress.

Wine party dress

What to give: Custom Map Pillow This cotton canvas throw pillow is custom printed with a map or nautical chart of the couple’s favorite place. Maybe the place they first met or got engaged.

Unique Wedding Gifts From

7. Same Sex Wedding:

What to wear: An unisex outfit

Petite fashion/women fashion/street style/blazer cape with shorts

What to give: Wedding Celebration Dropbox This wedding shadowbox can be filled with well-wishes for the couple.

Unique Wedding Gifts From

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Photos credited: Grace Liang

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