Life After Loss Get Up, Dress Up, and Never Give Up

Life After Loss Get Up, Dress Up, and Never Give Up

Today is the 7 month mark of my late husbands passing. I can’t say it is getting easier, but certainly I am getting used to it. I know most of my days are kinda normal, but some days will not be so pretty. Those ups and downs are my new normal now. I want the people who care about me to understand that it is ok if I am down for a while, because it is a part of this process. I always can find a way to bounce back, and after each bounce back I will be even stronger.

Life After Loss Get Up Dress Up and Never Give Up

“Get Up, Dress Up, and Never Give Up” has been my motivation for a long time. It has been helping me hold myself together for many years.

Life After Loss Get Up Dress Up and Never Give Up

Oddly, this summer break has been the most relaxing one for me. I set up a daily routine even before my break started and followed through everyday. That means I have an alarm everyday, even though I don’t need to go to work. I cook myself breakfast, lunch and dinner. I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Even in the most difficult days, I still follow this routine. I believe, as long as I still can get up, I will have the chance and ability to make it a better day.

Life After Loss Get Up Dress Up and Never Give Up

Dressing up for me is a no-brainer. It has been my own special way for years to fight back with all the difficulties in my life. It is kinda like my fight song, to show all my troubles that I am still here, still loving and taking care of myself. Most importantly, I am unbeatable. Bravery for me doesn’t mean a person who never cries or has never gotten beaten up by life. It means no matter how many times and how badly beaten up they were, they can still stand up, even taller than before.

Life After Loss Get Up Dress Up and Never Give Up

My man knew me better than I knew myself. Before he passed away, he said I will be fine because I have always been a fighter and I always rise again after tough times. But, he did ask me to continue enjoying my life without him. He wanted me to remember that I am worth it. YES! I am totally worth it. Everybody is worth it and should make this only lifetime the best as we can! So I am not going to complain and say “why me?” I am not going to wait on others to rescue me. I deserve a happy life and I am going to get it. I am not going to give up on enjoying my life and chasing my dreams because I am a poor widow.

Life After Loss Get Up Dress Up and Never Give Up

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  • Brynn

    I’ve never been to your blog before but I was moved! The reason why I was drawn to look at this post was because just yesterday I was talking with my new work mentor and she was telling me about how her husband died 7 months ago that day. I was so surprised to see your husband died the exact same day as hers. I don’t think it is a coincidence! Here is her Facebook blog if you would like to connect with her- It is worth it!!

  • Jocelyn

    I understand. My first husband died 7 1/2 years ago (almost). It was sudden and mind boggling. I had to learn to put one foot in front of the other and keep going every day for my family. And I did. Today I’m happily remarried but my first husband is always somewhere in my thoughts every day. Most days of great but there will always be days that aren’t, like his birthday or our anniversary. Moving forward is how life is lived. Staying in one place is not healthy. Keep moving forward.

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