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Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Happy Labor Day guys! I know you are all busy hanging out with your family and friends, so today my post will be short and sweet.

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

I just want to share this simple look for this special day. No matter if you are wine tasting, strolling on the city sidewalk, or hanging out on the beach, this bold boho dress has you covered. The best part? It is so easy to wear and breath, no labor required. 😉

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

For a Michigander, today usually is the last hot summer day for us, so of course a summery dress is the best choice. Love that yellow bag? It is from our local luxury brand Beau Satchelle. You can read more details here and here. What do you do for Labor Day and what did you wear today? Make sure leave a comment below. 🙂

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Enjoy your day and please come back on Wednesday to read about how to dress like a Parisian woman.

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Photo credit: Grace Liang/Katie Van Gorder

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