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Why is Orange Red the New Black?

Why is orange red the new black

My blog name is Color and Grace because I love colors and my name is Grace. I especially love bold and bright solid colors. 😉 So today I am going to talk about my all time favorite color, orange red.

Why is Orange Red The New Black

There are a lot of people who are afraid of this bold/crazy color. But in fact, a brilliant orange-red color is so ultra gorgeous and flattering on just about everyone. Find the right orange red shade, and you will see yourself glowing.

Why is Orange Red The New Black

How do you choose the right orange red?

Make sure the orange red you choose works for your skin tone. If you’re pale or have pink and red in your skin, go for pastel oranges or oranges that have more coral or red in them. Those with warm skin tones and medium complexions can get away with bolder shades or orange, you can even try oranges that contain a bit of gold and yellow in them. If you have dark skin, your best bet is to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep-red base.

Why is Orange Red The New Black

Below are some of examples of me wearing different orange red shades.

An orange red dress:

Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

Grace Liang from

Grace Liang from

An orange red skirt:

Passion for Fashion the Unconventional Challenge Fashion Show

Life After Loss Trying To Be Positive

An orange red top:

Hit the Outdoors in Style and Comfort with Glampinghub Part 2

Why is Orange Red The New Black

An orange red sweater:

Best Buy---A Colorful Statement Faux Fur Coat

Staying warm comfy and stylish with LL bean this winter

As you can see, orange red is very flattering and that is why I call it the new black. More of us should be wearing it more often. Now, go find the right shade of orange red for you and glow! 😉

Why is Orange Red The New Black

Why is Orange Red The New Black


Photo credit: Grace Liang

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