Interstellar Dwellers by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London Shoes

Boots are to fall as bread is to butter. Experiencing one without the other just doesn’t feel right. I have a lot girly ankle booties, but I always reserve a spot in my wardrobe for a pair of comfy and edgy flat lace up combat boots like these ones I am wearing from FLY London.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

Here is a fun fact I just discovered. Based on a survey this year, what do you think is the hottest boot style in New York City? It is combat boots!

Below is a full list of the most popular boot trends in NYC. The runner-up is pretty shocking.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

Most popular boots in New York City:

Combat boots
Denim boots
White booties
Velvet boots
Platform boots
White ankle boots
Embroidered boots
Patent-leather boots
Moon boots
Ankle boots

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

Regardless of the survey, I always love a pair of comfy combat boots which are favored among the cool girls of the world. You know, sometimes I am tired of always being elegant and classy. Once a while I like to play cool too. 😉 But I don’t like to go all the way down to the cool girl end. I like to still mix some of the girly vibe into an edgy look. Just like the outfit I am wearing in this post, the Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London combat boots , my tiger bag, edgy sunglasses and the dark shade of lips are cool enough for me, so I added a lot of lace to keep it still feminine.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

You may already have your eye on this pair of cool Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London combat boots. Designed by internationally known Portuguese artist, Cristina Rodrigues, FLY London’s first signature boots, ’Interstellar’, come in four colors – blue, camel, brown and black – and tie up delicately in contrasting satin ribbons. The ribbons are the artist’s trademark and a distinguishing feature in line with the audacious aesthetic legacy of Portugal’s largest exporter in footwear.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

FLY London is a brand of footwear which is synonymous with excellence and innovation, and it is the daily choice of thousands of urban dwellers as their favorite way of walking anywhere. Inspired by how important shoes are for urban generations, Cristina Rodrigues created ‘Urban Dwellers’, a large scale contemporary art installation she presented last Autumn in Seville, Spain. Following an original partnership which brought together Industry, Fashion and Art, it would be only natural for the artist to collaborate with FLY London to create something unique, and so the ‘Interstellar’ boots were born.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

I chose a black pair of boots with a gold satin ribbon. If the gold ribbon is too much for you, no worries because they also sent extra black ribbons in case you want to change your style. 😉 These boots are quite well made, with a leather upper and leather lining so my feet will breathe even after a long day of wearing them. My feet sweat a lot, so this feature is quite important to me. You can get this pair of boots for yourself at Fly London stores in the UK. US customers will be able to get them at Bos&Co for $325.

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

Love what you see? I am hosting a giveaway now. One U.S. lucky winner will win a pair of size EURO 42/US 10 black boots. It is very easy to enter, just go to my Instagram page and find the post for this outfit to enter. You need to tag two friends that you think will love these boots. Finally, please follow me and Good luck!

Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London


Photo credit: Grace Liang/Ashley Buck

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