2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belts

This fall, wide belts are making a big come back. But, it is a little bit different from the wide belt that you may remember from 10 or 15 years ago. This time around an extra wide belt is the hottest piece.

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt

Hide your waist no more! It’s time to belt your favorite blouse and show off your shape. The FW17 runways were filled with wide belts over blouses, jackets, sweaters, and dresses.

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt

But please be cautious with this trend. Everyone can wear a belt, but a wide or extra wide belt may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone. If your waist area is close to your chest, you may look very busty instead. Of course, if you don’t have much of a definition between your waist and your butt, this trend could be a disaster too. If you still love the belt trend and want to participate, choose a thinner one to start.

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt

I’m still in love with this silver clutch The Grace Bespoke Clutch Purse which was named after me by Beau Satchelle. The tiger bag you read about here in this post and the yellow bag you see in this recent post are all made by them.

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt

Do you think wide belts are flattering? Have you mastered this look?

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt

2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Wide Belt


Photo credit: Grace Liang/Ashley Buck

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