Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle
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Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

It seems like everyone is talking about New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. For me, no matter what the new trends are every year, I like to stick with timeless pieces, so I don’t alway jump on board to the hot, but often fast dying, trends.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

One of the timeless pieces I always can count on, is an exotic and luxurious Python clutch.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

I am pretty sure most women own at least one snakeskin print piece. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blouse, pencil skirt or a handbag, snakeskin never goes out of style. This iconic print/material makes it to the top of the trend list every year, every season.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

Before I dive in to more details about my new Genuine Python Clutch Purse from Beau Satchelle, I would like to show you what all I have gotten from this Michigan luxury leather goods brand.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

The Michelle Bespoke handbag

You can read my review here about this fabulous bag!

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Michigan Bespoke Luxury Leather Goods Beau Satchelle Interview #2 Michigan Detroit petite over 40s fashion blog/ blogger Beau Satchelle yellow leather hand made bag + ABS yellow lace dropped top + WHBM blush full skirt + Steve Madden nude platform sandals + Nordstrom statement jewel earrings

Grace bespoke evening clutch

You are right, this bag is named after me, just like the Michelle hand bag was named after Michelle Obama. 😉 You can read my review here for this bag.

JJsHouse Dress For Your Office Christmas Party

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Custom Made Tiger Hat Box Style Bag

I told the brand what I would like to have designed for a bag and they custom made this for me. They used a tiger image on the bag because it is my Chinese zodiac, and they said they would like to let this tiger protect me when I travel. 😉 I did enjoy every minute in Paris with this amazing bag. You can read the full review about this bag here.

Custom Made Tiger Hat Box Style Bag from Beau Satchelle

Custom Made Tiger Hat Box Style Bag from Beau Satchelle

Now, this Genuine Python Clutch Purse has become my 4th bag from Beau Satchelle and I love it very much too! I mean, how could you not like a super well made luxury python clutch? For many decades, this exotic material used to be associated with the rich and “money rules my style” kind of ladies only. You can see almost every well established lady in history has carried at least one Python bag.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

My Genuine Python Clutch Purse was custom made for me again! I told the designer, Ty, that I hoped my next clutch would be a bit bigger since my iPhone is quite big. Not just my iPhone, but all my makeup touch up essentials and my big Gucci wallet! But I didn’t want to carry a big tote or handbag either. He designed this clutch to be a bit bigger than my previous silver one. It can be used as a normal evening clutch, but also as a practical cross body bag for the day. When I am traveling, or shopping, I would like both of my hands free so I can look up directions or pull my suitcases.;)

See The World || Shanghai China #1

Almost all of the handbags from Beau Satchelle are super light. I took this purse with me on my 22 day China vacation and it proved just how practical this bag is. I can put my big wallet, my phone, my global wifi router (which is quite big), my Chanel powder, blush, blush brush, lip balm, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, Q-tips and then a small bag of snacks all inside at once.

See The World || Shanghai China #1

Ty designed it with one side wider than another side so it will be easy for me to put things in and take them out. It is definitely a great feature when traveling. I don’t have to dig into the whole purse to fish out what I need. 😉 I carried it many times when I was in China. I also really appreciate the light weight feature. After many hours of sightseeing or shopping, I didn’t feel any shoulder or neck pain at all. You know sometimes when a bag is too heavy, it can cause pain on your back or neck.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

Beau Satchelle always delivers the best handmade, luxury quality goods. From sketch to finish, each bag is handcrafted and produced under the same roof in Michigan. You can read the full interview about this unique and low key brand here and here. Love my bags? Now you can directly contact the brand to custom design your own bag here! I can’t wait to see your own winning fashion spin on your next Beau Satchelle bag!

Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

Photo credit: Grace Liang/Zhou Shu

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