“If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with the life you lived? Would you be happy with the mark you left on the world? Would you be happy with what you did with your whole life and every day you lived? With the relationships you had? The last words you said to the people you love? Would you be happy with yourself?” Those are some very powerful questions. Below are my answers.

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

Yes, I would be happy with the life I lived. I have made a lot of mistakes and I also have achieved many things that I thought I was not capable to. There is no regret for me, my past have made who I am today. Yes, I would be happy with the mark I left on the world. My mark is the big smile on my face. My mark is the big smile I put on others. Yes, I would be happy with the relationships I had. I had the best husband and still have the best step-family. I have many friends all over the world who adores me and supports me. I even restored the relationship with my mom. I am totally at peace. Yes, the last words I said to my late husband before he went unconscious, was “I love you” and he said “I love you too!” I don’t know what my last words will be before I die, but I plan to never say anything hurtful to anyone. Yes, I am very happy with myself. I am glad that I have never given up and never let my dream die.

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

What are your answers for those questions?

Recently I have received another question over and over, “How is your full-time blogging life?” My answer is always like this, “I am living in my dream life!” I do. In fact, my dream life is very simple. For me, it is just being able to sleep for 8 hours and do the things I love everyday. Simply being happy and enjoy everyday I have in this life time. What does your dream life look like?

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

This past Wednesday has marked 15 month of my late husband’s passing. After all these ups and downs in the past 15 months, I finally have reached the point that I am no longer just surviving, I am actually living, living in my dream life! My dream is even getting bigger and bigger now. Because I have found my life purpose and I am going to make it happen. You can read my last post here to see how I have reached this moment of finding my life purpose.

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

My life purpose is to serve and to give, by sharing my stories. Other than this blog and my social media, I also plan to write a book about my Living with Cancer and Life After Loss journey this year. I am working on becoming a public speaker to share my stories on a different platform as well. My final goal is, to build a foundation to help all the people and family have effected by losing a loved one. They will have a case manager who is following them for 5 years. They can get free service of grief consulting and job training to help them get back to their life again. I know, this is some super big goal and it requires millions dollars to make it happen. If Your Goals Don’t Scare You, They Aren’t Big Enough, right?

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

You can read all the Life After Loss series here and Living with Cancer series here.

Life After Loss || Start to Live, Not Just Survive

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  1. Emily Barron

    We were married 43 years, he’s been gone 5 years, and I’m still in the Life after Loss area. Oh, I’ve moved on but I have a hard time with some things – I live alone – both of my children (ages 45 and 42) live here but they are busy after work – and I need to be around people, I don’t know of several single girls I could go to dinner or do something with. Whatever you do, mingle with people, don’t keep to yourself

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