About 10 days ago I received an email asking if I would like to meet with Betsey Johnson before her public appearance at our local Macy’s. I instantly jumped up and down. Heck YES! She has been my inspiration for years!!! If you don’t know much about Betsey Johnson, here is some very basic info about her from Wikipedia: “Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs. Many of her designs are considered “over the top” and embellished. She also is known for doing a cartwheel ending in a split at the end of her fashion shows.”

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

I can’t remember the exact moment I first encountered her designs, but I do remember every time I saw her products in a store (it seems like you can find her lines just about everywhere), they always brought a big smile on my face. They’re made for girls who refuse to grow up. After I read more about her, I became a big fan of hers. Betsey Johnson has never been one to blend in. She is a walking expression of youthful joy, an inspirational icon, long time breast cancer survivor and has several lifetimes’ worth of accomplishments. At age 72, she won the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, and did the splits on stage again. That was 3 years ago! She is totally a cool kid!

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

You can watch this FB live to see her line and some of her products that I found at my local Macy’s last weekend.


I bought this dress from her newest collection at Macy’s that night too. It is so comfy and feminine with an old Hollywood vibe.

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

You can also watch this FB live to see her public appearance at our local Macy’s. It is quite long, but I promise you will see her at the end.;) She is totally a people person and loves hugs! It was very cool that she remembers some of her long-time fans and loves spending time with them.

Watch this live video which I final met Betsey Johnson! You have to come back to read my post and find out why we laughed so hard!!! She is so nice and funny! @macys@betseyjohnson#BetseyBabe#BetseyJohnson#betseyheartsmacys

Posted by Grace Liang on Saturday, May 19, 2018

In the photo below you only can see a very small portion of the crowd that day. The line was so long so it wrapped around the whole store a few times. People just love her! From very young girls to grandmas, her 50 years as a fashion icon has earned so much love through her free-spirt and up-beat fashion!

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

By the way, are you curious about what she said that made me laugh that hard? Lol, you will not believe it. When I asked her how she can keep her young and fun spirit forever, she thought about it for a few seconds and she said “Because I have a 48 year old hot boy friend!”

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

She is seriously the coolest, warmest, funniest and cutest 75 year old women I have ever seen! Now I know everything is possible, as long as we don’t let our inner child ever die. She is the perfect example for many women who are struggling with their identity. Just be you, fully be you. This method is already approved by America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson: it is good enough, just be you!

Meeting With America’s Punk Fashion Queen Betsey Johnson

I was quite surprised to find out that Steve Madden is one of her best friends. I interviewed him last year too! You can read about him here. I was also very blessed to have the chance working with Stacy London as well. You can read about that experience here and here.

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@life_of_a_goldenfeather

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  1. I love love and love Betsey Johnson. I love her look , her line especially shoes. I first knew about her about 10 years ago when I got my first shoes from her store back then. If you remember she had one store opened in one of the malls in Michigan and I was so sad they closed it. Then they get back in business and this time to stay.
    You can see I am still fan from my last blog >>post what to wear with white lace dress. I featured one of her sneakers :).
    I so envy you. You got to meet her I wish I knew she is in town. I would do anything to meet her. Love your pictures and your story. she is fully her and this shows in her clothes line <3 . Sorry this is a very long comment. But I just enjoyed your post and I felt like I were there with you.

  2. I am not a starstruck person but I have to say I absolutely love Betsey Johnson. I grew up when she was first one of the biggest fashion designers. I loved her cartwheels on the runway. So fun. When I was a teen I fell in love with her quirky accessories. How awesome that you got to meet her. 🙂

    Have a great week!


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