After more than 60 posts in this Life After Loss series, I am going to end it today.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

It started on February 6, 2017, which was about two weeks after my late husband passed away. Now, at a little less than 18 months after his death, it is time for me to push myself to another level of recovery. From widow to single.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

Last week, when I was at the salon and the new hairdresser asked me, “Are you married, with kids?” I was a little hesitant and said, “I am a widow with two adult step-kids.” Of course, she said, “Oh, I am so sorry.” It was never my intention to let others feel sorry for me because I haven’t felt sorry for myself for a long time. I know it is time to take off the WIDOW label.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

I was quite emotional when I started typing this title. This series, all the posts, have been my way of coping and my way of grieving. Every single word from those posts was from the bottom of my heart. Real and raw. With tears, with struggles, and with the happiness of awakening. I never had intentions to write them for others. They are for me to document my journey. But, because of those posts, I have received thousands of emails. Messages, and comments from strangers. They all said the similar thing: that my posts have helped them, or someone in their life, to see hope again.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

I have received many requests for writing a book about me and this journey. So, after this post, I will spend my whole July compiling all the posts together and add more content into my first book… Life After Loss: From Survival to Living a Dream Life—a Widow’s Grieving Journal. I haven’t decided on the tile completely,  so I welcome any suggestions and feedback. I am also looking for any connections that you can pass along to me, about who I can contact to publish my book!

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

Now that this Life After Loss series ends (I may still write a few more on some of my special personal dates), what is next? I plan to start a new series about self-empowerment. This topic has been very dear to my heart since my late husband passed away. I used to doubt myself all the time, and he was the one always helping me to find my confidence. But now, I am confident no matter what the circumstances are. Because I finally know who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing. Self-empowerment is for many of us. Those in need of practicing giving unconditional love to ourselves first. Growing into the best version of ourselves. So, I am thinking the title for this will be Being the Best of You. What do you think? Please give me your suggestions and feedback as well about this title.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

I have waited for this moment a while. It is quite exciting, and a bit scary. Because I got used to carrying my widow label and hiding behind it. Now, I am a single woman. I cannot wait to see what I can create with my life.

Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

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Life After Loss || From Widow to Single

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  1. Ada

    Dearest Grace, I love that you started that series and cannot believe it has been a year and a half since your loss. You ‘dealt’ with it with dignity, heart and grace and I have enjoyed all of the posts in that series which I read. I always love your attitude and your impeccable style. Love that floral romper on you!

    I am doing a very special Skirt Collaboration series on the blog this week and I think you’d love it. Come take a peak. =) Also, you can join me on Instagram with any skirt outfit under the hashtag #skirtmasinjuly …Also don’t forget to link up with me on Thursday for Thursday Moda!

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