How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants
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How Petite Women Wear Wide-Leg Pants

It’s kind of funny when my followers meet me in real life and tell me they can’t believe I’m so short. LOL! Good news is, they all say other than that I look the same. šŸ˜‰

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

For being a petite more than 40-plus years, I guess I do have a few tricks to make myself appear taller. We don’t call that cheating, right? LOL.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

I’ve always been a risk taker and especially love to try trends. Of course, every so often it turns into a disaster. However, most of the time it pays off… like this wide-leg pants trend. That’s because it can come off quite challenging for those with petite frames.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

I’ve been looking for the perfect stripped and wide-leg pants, with a matching top, for the summer. I was happy when I discovered them on You can see the pants here and the top here. I can’t believe both of them together are less than $60.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

Okay, let’s talk about why these wild leg pants work. (And I’m not even kidding, there will be no one guessing that I’m only 5 feet tall!)

1. High-Waisted

If you’re a petite woman, please remember to stick with the high-waisted look. For pants, shorts, skirts, etc. You’ll look so much taller than you actually are.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

2. Vertical Stripes

Striped prints are timeless. They’re always on-trend. But, on a petite person, vertical prints are more flattering than horizontal ones. Pay attention to the size of the stripes, too. Bigger is better than smaller, but too big won’t work either. Based on my experience, the stripe size of around one inch is the most fitting for pants.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

3. Pairing a Fitted Top with Wide-Leg Pants

If you’re a supermodel, you seem like you’re able to rock anything. But, for us petite people, there’s a beneficial and basic rule to follow. Which is, pairing a fitted top with wide-leg pants makes a smoother and elongated illusion. The top matching the pants is a bonus, too. (Side note: whether you’re a supermodel or not, rock whatever look you want to wear!)

4. Show Some Skin

Since your lower half is completely covered, to balance the look, show a little skin on top. If you’re covered from head to toe, it may look bulky.

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

Okay, I hope these tricks will help you pick out the right wide-leg pants for this summer! If you have rocked this look before, what are your personal favorite tricks? Share with us below, and I would love to read them all! šŸ™‚

How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

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How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@anstam

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