Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out
Being the best of me,  Fashion

Being the Best of Me || Beautiful Inside and Out

I have never felt truly beautiful until this year. When my inner beauty and outer beauty finally matched. Every time when I say I am not that beautiful, it is quite interesting to see the look on people’s faces. They are kind of like, “Are you kidding?” No, I am not kidding or trying too hard to come off humble. My family was super poor, and my mom never wanted me. All my clothes were hand-me-downs from my older brother. I had pretty much zero knowledge about how to look good when I was young. My mom had very limited style advice. So, I was never exposed to fashion or beauty until I moved to Shanghai in my late 20s.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

Below are a few old photos. The first one, I was 24 years old.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

The second one was when I first got to Shanghai. I was 26 years old.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

I always knew I had inner beauty, but I felt my appearance did not match. My best friend when I was in Shanghai was a very beautiful girl. Guys were fighting with each other to talk to her. I was the invisible one next to her, of course. LOL. It did not bug me at all. Because she had her way to get what she wants, but I have always believed that the best way to earn the life I wanted is through hardworking.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

Later, I met my late husband in Shanghai when I was 30 years old. He was the first person to ever say I was beautiful. Of course, I didn’t believe him. For my whole life, I received compliments saying I was smart, hardworking, or nice. But BEAUTIFUL was foreign to me. I did not believe I was beautiful (or ugly). I felt I was a very normal, average-looking girl who blended in.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

My man would say, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.” day after day, and year after year. I told myself: This guy has such faith in me. I better not let him down, I can get my college degree, manage more than 100 people in a department, and run my business. I can find a way to make myself look and feel beautiful. To let my inner beauty shine through.  So I started reading all kinds of fashion magazines. Watching YouTube videos to learn how to apply makeup and do simple hairstyles. I also learned how to dress tastefully. After a few years, there were more and more people starting to compliment on my style. All the nice feedback from strangers had given me the confidence to start my fashion blog.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

I still did not believe in my beauty after four years into blogging. Even though I was receiving a lot of compliments about my beauty. That is when I realized… applying makeup, curling hair, or putting together a cute outfit are easy tasks to learn. But, true confidence is hard to reach. My outer beauty has grown since I started my blog. And now, finally, my inner beauty started to match up with the feelings of my outer beauty these past two years. Since I switched my attention to self-growth and self-empowerment, I love who I am and how I look. I love getting all dressed up to go to an event. I also love working in my yard without makeup and fancy clothes. I know I can look good. But, I also know that my warm smile and contagious laugh are more beautiful than any of my designer handbags.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

Being beautiful inside and out, for me, is balancing inner growth and outer growth. I like to see my love of life shine through my appearance. My style and fashion help me to speak about my inner world. Looking and feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what others think. It is all about being comfortable in my own skin. A picture perfect look to please my own eyes or rocking a bare face while doing yoga to please my heart… Either way, I am feeling beautiful. Because I am on my way to being the best of myself.

Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out

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Photo credit: Grace Liang/@anstam

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  • Shelbee on the Edge

    Grace, this post made me cry…because I can totally relate! It has taken me 44 years to finally have the confidence to look in the mirror and recognize my own beauty…even though my husband has been telling me daily for the past 10 years how beautiful I am. It really is quite the journey getting to this place. And I think blogging has definitely helped me. That being said…when I look at your pictures from your 20’s what I see is a beautiful young girl embarking on her life’s journey to self-discovery. You were as beautiful then as you are now…but for completely different reasons. The earlier photos show a timid and vulnerable girl who is willing to take chances and there is so much beauty in that. Your recent pictures show a strong and confident woman who has traveled that difficult road to self discovery and that, too, is so beautiful.

    And your dress! That just has me swooning. I love green and I really love the color on you! Just gorgeous, my friend! Thank you for another wonderful post.


  • Kaari

    Thank you for sharing your story! It is sad, that you believed so many years, that you are not beautiful… It is so absurd. You are beautiful… But I am curious, was your mother the same way? I think this kind of mindset comes from our mothers in some way. My mom is never going to believe she is beautiful, but she really is… No one can make her think so. I also have had so many problems, and still have, with my self-confidence (about how I look and also about other things). But it is amazing, that the right man in your life could change your mind and make you see yourself how you really are:).

    I also started my fashion blog lately:).

  • Chez-rama

    Grace! First I love your outfit and your overall look. You figure out your inner and outer beauty. that what it matters. So shine through it. You said it well. It does not matter how you look as long as you have a beautiful smile and a good heart. Inner beauty can wash any makeup, hair, and wardrobe if you know what I mean. I figured my inner beauty not very long ago too. I live in peace with myself, my look and my heart. It does not matter the brand, the makeup or the look as long as you feel good about yourself.

  • Emma Peach

    Your beauty shines through in every post Grace, through your photos and your words. I lacked confidence when I was younger, and even when I got better at doing my hair and makeup, I couldn’t bear to look at old photos. My husband used to tease me and say he would put them on Facebook – I threatened to divorce him if he did! But now I’m at ease with the past and see my younger self in a more forgiving light. I think that comes with growing older and realising that it’s what’s inside that matters.

    Emma xxx

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